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KEY STRATEGIC AREA (KSA) 4: Water Utilisation in Agriculture

THRUST 3: Water utilisation for poverty reduction and wealth creation in agriculture

PROGRAMME 1: Sustainable water – based agricultural activities in rural areas communities

ToR ID : 1009762

Closing Date : 15 May 2019

Market Analysis: Determining the extent and potential of a Water-Smart Agriculture market in South Africa

ToR ID - 1009761

Closing Date : 15 May 2019 Extended from the previous call on FMS
Contact Person:
- Dr Chantal Ramcharan-Kotze Scientific queries
- Ms Sandra Fritz Administrative queries

The Agricultural sector in South Africa contributes approximately 3% to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and plays a significant role for employment and job creation. The sector is dependent on approximately 63% of the countries water allocation. Variable rainfall patterns not only affects dam and surface water but also groundwater recharge. Rising temperatures, climate change and droughts have serious long-term consequences for South Africa’s food security. When coupled with the growing impacts on the quality of our water sources due to e.g. pollution from agricultural run-off, South Africa requires a focused approach to shifting the sector to more sustainable practices.
In a water stressed South Africa, conventional agricultural practices such as irrigation, mitigation of production losses and yield improvement continue to exacerbate detrimental environmental effects and water constraints in South Africa. Studies have shown that there is an increasing interest in agricultural innovation by investors in response to the state of water in South Africa. Reducing pollution and soil degradation, improved information systems, models and rolling out of water efficiency technologies for irrigation are emerging as key opportunities for sustainable farming. As much as fruit and wine farmers are embedding sustainable and water efficient practices and technologies into their operations, the potential size and focus of a Water Smart Agriculture (WSA) market in South Africa requires crucial consideration.

Market Analysis: Determining the extent and potential of a water to energy market in South Africa (waste and small/micro hydro)

Thrust 3 - Business Development
Programme 2 - Impact Expansion
ToR ID - 1009760

Closing Date : 15 May 2019 Extended from the previous call on FMS
Contact Person:
- Dr Chantal Ramcharan-Kotze Scientific queries
- Mr Bennie Mokgonyana Administrative queries

Global reports approximate the waste to energy market value at USD 28.43 billion in 2017 towards an expected USD 42.74 billion by 2025. The Waste Water Treatment to Energy (WWTtE) market saw capital and operational investments of USD 531 million in 2017. When considering that wastewater is a carrier of over 50% of waste resources that is either lost or unrecovered as materials, energy and water, why is this circular opportunity not being taken up? The City of Cape Town working with New Horizon Energy saw a R400 million waste-to-energy investment project, that was upfront deemed viable, put on hold. What are the blockages and pathways to market being missed by current research?


The status of wastewater as an untapped resource in South Africa

My role in mitigating the impacts of drought: Lessons from the Western Cape through a video for all stakeholders
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The Implementation of the Integrated Algal Pond System at Barberton in Mbombela Municipality
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