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Water Kidz Articles

Without water there can be no life. Not only is water the most abundant substance on Earth, it is also one of the most unusual. The WRC’s Water Wheel magazine explores the wonders of water through its regular Water Kidz feature. To read more, click on the articles below.

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Develop a school policy to improve water management
2012/01/19; Water Wheel Article
East London reigns supreme in national water competition
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Don't be a water guzzler!
2011/06/20; Water Wheel Article
More water for our cities
2011/05/19; Water Wheel Article
Desalination - turning salty water into drinking water
2011/03/08; Water Wheel Article
Special day explores link between wetlands and forests
2011/01/18; Water Wheel Article
Rain, rain don't go away!
2010/11/22; Water Wheel Article
How much water did you have today?
2010/09/10; Water Wheel Article
Biodiversity: Taking care of creatures great and small
2010/07/09; Water Wheel Article
River health - What are the symptoms
2010/05/13; Water Wheel Article
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