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Framing Desalination within the Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

Published Date: February 2019

ISBN: 9780639200743

WRC Report No.: 2778/1/18

Quantifying the water-use of dominant Land uses in the Maputaland Coastal Plain.

Published Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780639200835

WRC Report No.: TT 781/18

Palmiet wetland sustainability: A Hydrological and Geomorphological perspective on system functioning.

Published Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780639200941

WRC Report No.: 2548/1/18

Quality of Domestic Water Supplies Volume 2:Sampling Guide.

Published Date: 1999

ISBN: 1868455432

WRC Report No.: TT 117/99

Microbial Pathogens in the Umgeni River, South Africa.

Published Date: November 2012

ISBN: 9781431203475

WRC Report No.: KV 303/12

Buffer Zone guidelines for Wetlands, Rivers and Estuaries Part 2: Practical Guide

Published Date: May 2017

ISBN: 9781431208838

WRC Report No.: TT 715/2/17

Buffer Zone guidelines for Rivers, Wetlands and Estuaries Part 1: Technical Manual

Published Date: May 2017

ISBN: 9781431208890

WRC Report No.: TT 715/1/17

A South African Aquifer system management classification.

Published Date: December 1995

ISBN: 1868452034

WRC Report No.: KV 77/95

Rotenone policy support and capacity development Part 2: Krom River Base-Line monitoring and capacity development.

Published Date: February 2019

ISBN: 9780639200828

WRC Report No.: TT 780/2/18

Validation and calibration of SAP Flux density measurements in Citrus. Volume 1

Published Date: November 2018

ISBN: 9780639200606

WRC Report No.: TT772/1/18

2019 WRC Annual Call for Proposals

Assessing the affordebility of water services for residential consumers in South African Municipalities.

Published Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780639200866

WRC Report No.: 2584/1/18

Land tenure, Tenancy and Water services delivery in South Africa.

Published Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780639200873

WRC Report No.: 2358/1/18

Guidance on drinking water treatment process Audits and Plant optimisation.

Published Date: August 2018

ISBN: 9780639200125

WRC Report No.: TT 755/18

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