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Literature review of pricing and dept management for water services.

Published Date: October 2010

ISBN: 9781431200306

WRC Report No.: 1811/1/10

Definition of process zones and connectivity in catchment scale NPS processes.

Published Date: February 2011

ISBN: 9781431201129

WRC Report No.: 1808/1/11

Influence of unpaved access roads on surface runoff, Sediment loss and Soil water movement within forest plantations.

Published Date: December 2011

ISBN: 9781431202072

WRC Report No.: 1807/1/11

Interaction between Aquaculture and water quality in on-farm irrigation dams.

Published Date: September 2013

ISBN: 9781431204625

WRC Report No.: 1802/1/13

Technical report for the Natiol Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas project.

Published Date: August 2011

ISBN: 9781431201495

WRC Report No.: 1801/2/11

Implementation Manual for Freshwater Ecosystem priority Areas.

Published Date: August 2011

ISBN: 9781431201471

WRC Report No.: 1801/1/11

‘ initiatives.

Published Date: February 2011

ISBN: 9781431200559

WRC Report No.: 1800/1/10

The development of an invertebrate biomarker assay for environmental monitoring.

Published Date: February 2016

ISBN: 9781431207459

WRC Report No.: KV 351/15

StaSoft Install

WRC PAIA Manual May

July-Aug 2019

Water Wheel July August 2019

Published Date: July 2019

ISBN: 0258-224

Ideas towards water sensitive settlements.

Published Date: July 2019

ISBN: 9780639200583

WRC Report No.: 2519/1/19

WRC PAIA Form A – Request for Access to REcord of a Public Body

Knowledge Brokering and Dissemination of Irrigation management guidelines for training of extension advisors.

Published Date: June 2016

ISBN: 9781431207893

WRC Report No.: KV 356/16

Reviev of the Hartbeespoort Dam integrated biological remediation programme (Harties Metsi a me)

Published Date: July 2016

ISBN: 9781431208036

WRC Report No.: KV 357/16

Confirmation of the role of B-N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) in nitrogen metabolism of cyanobacteria.

Published Date: July 2016

ISBN: 9781431208104

WRC Report No.: KV 358/16

A scoping study on the Levels of Antimicrobials and Presence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in drinking water.

Published Date: August 2016

ISBN: 9781431208234

WRC Report No.: KV 360/16

Evaluation of the pour flush toilets in schools and households.

Published Date: August 2016

ISBN: 9781431208258

WRC Report No.: KV 361/16

Developing a research agenda for promoting underutilised, indigenous and traditional crops.

Published Date: November 2016

ISBN: 9781431208913

WRC Report No.: KV 362/16

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