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Search Help Information

Two types of searches are applied in this Knowledge Hub: meta-data search and document-content search.  You can also use both at once in a combined search which can be used to reduce the numbers of documents the search brings back.

Meta-data search:

All our Knowledge Hub documents are catalogued according to a number of different meta-data items.  For instance, you can search for all documents of a certain category, or all documents with a certain keyword attached to them or written by a certain author. 

Document-content search:

When you tick the “Search Inside Docs” box then the contents of the search box is used to search inside documents.  This is done using an index built up from the documents by our Knowledge Hub database.  Note that this searches for words that are specifically within the text of the document, not the meta-data. 

Combined search:

When you enter text in the search box and tick the “Search document contents?” and also enter search criteria into other fields of the advanced search then the search engine will do a combined search.  This means the system will search using the meta-data you provided, do a document-content search on the text you entered in the search box and show you results that match both of these at once.  This allows you to search, for example, for all documents written by a certain author that have the word “groundwater” in it, or all magazines that contain the word “wastewater” in them.  Note that doing this will not show you all magazines as well as all documents with the word “wastewater” – it only shows documents that fulfil both conditions.

Some suggestions for improved searches:

Because of the nature of the two different searches they will sometimes bring back different results. For example, a document might have a keyword or category attached to it that does not appear in the document text itself.  In this case that document will show up in the meta-data search but not in the document-content search (or in the combined search).  For this reason we recommend trying both meta-data search and document-content search.

When searching for a compound word, or a complex word, try simplifying the search phrase or splitting it.  For example, searching for “groundwater” may not find the phrase “ground water”. If you do search for two words the search engine will only find documents that have both words in them (or in their meta-data if you’re doing a meta-data search).

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