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Research: KSA 4

(KSA 4) Water Utilisation in Agriculture


The strategic focus in this KSA, as described in previous years, is on increasing the efficient use of water for production of food, fibre, fuel-wood and timber; ensuring sustainable water resource use; reducing poverty and increasing the wealth of people dependent on water-based agriculture. The needs and requirements of present and future generations of subsistence, emergent and commercial farmers is addressed through creation and application of water-efficient production technologies, models and information systems within the following interrelated sub-sectors of agriculture, namely:

  • Irrigated agriculture

  • Dry-land agriculture

  • Woodlands and forestry

  • Grasslands and livestock watering

  • Aquaculture and fisheries

The challenge for applied research, knowledge creation and dissemination is to exploit opportunities and to provide solu-tions to practical problems which are experienced in the process of utilisation, development and protection of water resources, thereby contributing to productivity growth in agriculture.

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The primary objective is to increase national and household food security and to improve the livelihoods of people on a farming, community and regional level through efficient and sustainable utilisation and development of water resources in agriculture.

The secondary objectives are to:

  • Increase biological, technical and economic efficiency of water use

  • Reduce poverty through water-based agricultural activities

  • Increase profitability of water-based farming systems

  • Ensure sustainable water resource use through protection and reclamation practices

Portfolios of current projects have been grouped into strategic thrusts and programmes which directly address the abovementioned objectives and are summarised as follows:


Thrust 1: Water Utilisation for Food and Fibre Production
Thrust 2: Water Utilisation for Fuel wood and Timber Production
Thrust 3: Water Utilisation for Poverty Reduction and Wealth Creation in Agriculture
Thrust 4: Water Resource Protection and Reclamation in Agriculture

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