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(KSA 4) Water Utilisation in Agriculture  

THRUST 1: Water Utilisation For Food And Fibre Production


The direction and driving force for research activities and outputs are determined by the strategic focus to improve the knowledge of the processes of production of field, horticultural and industrial crops.

Water productivity can be increased by producing more with the same use of water or by producing the same with less use of water. This requires understanding of water dynamics in the soil-water-plant-atmosphere continuum, the equipment which is used and the method of production which is followed. Research on all these aspects can contribute to higher water use efficiency in agriculture.

Various processes and factors, which are site-specific, have an influence on the quality of water for crop, livestock and fish production. Significant shortcomings exist in the assessment of the fitness-for-use of water sources and identifying water-related production problems. The emphasis in this programme is on the efficient use of water and management of water quality for irrigation of crops, livestock watering and aquaculture in rivers, ponds and dams.

This thrust includes two programmes:

  • Water-efficient production methods in relation to soils, crops and technology in rain-fed and irrigated agriculture

  • Fitness-for-use of water for crop production, livestock watering and aquaculture  

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