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(KSA 3) Water Use and Waste Management  

THRUST 6 : WaterSmart Fund

The total available budget for non-solicited proposals for 2012/13 is R1 000 000.

·         Note that the WRC requires a concept note to be submitted (maximum two pages) covering name and contact, objective, motivation and impact of the initiative.

·         The concept notes will be reviewed internally using existing and new criteria as required).

·         The prospective shortlist will be tabled to Executive for approval.

·         The shortlist will then be requested to submit full proposal as per the WRC requirements and review processes.

·         Once proposal meets the requirements of the WRC, contracts will be issued.

·         Closing date for abstracts is the 2 July 2010 and these can be sent directly to pieters@wrc.org.za

Note:  Submit only a maximum two page concept note

About the fund

The objective of the of this new  fund is to bring about a paradigm shift in the use and management of water, as well as the use of energy in water, from a supply side towards a demand side approach. It can be generalized that the South African population is ignorant around water conservation, water efficiency and reuse. This fund and process is a small step, in stimulating research and innovation in the smarter use of water and energy efficient water processes, and in this way be a catalyst for bringing about awareness and behaviour change in the way the country uses its water.

The Scope

The fund will support research, demonstration and development of novel and unique ideas, technology or processes which supports the efficient use, reuse and conservation of our precious water and related energy efficiency in the domestic, industrial and mining sectors.

Key Principles for the fund (WRC)

·         Initial outlay of around R1.0 million per annum.

·         The fund can be open to other parties to contribute and support.

·         Maximum budget per project R500 000 with a maximum period of 2 years.

·         Maximum yearly budget R250 000.

Based on the experiences from the previous year, as guidance below we provide a list of topics or ideas.  These are not based on any priority but just to provide an illustration towards stimulating new ideas around water efficiency.


Water sensitive home design

Recycling nursery run-off using peat  based filters

Implementing water wise practices in primary schools

Reuse of pool water backwash

Improving efficiency in car wash water treatment plants

Investigating stormwater capture and re-use in a housing development

 Bi-directional communication devices for water use and billing

Use of composting toilets in multi unit dwellings

Testing  greywater recycling systems and Greywater treatment system testing lab and testing protocol

Sustainable water use in two public aquatic centres

 Smart water meters

Development of smart shower meter

developing and demonstrating commercial laundry operators to be water efficient


Installation of waterless conveyer technology

 Odours from wastewater treatment works: dispersion modelling

Development of water consumption rating system for car washes

Water Harvesting and re-use system

 Nanostructured, inert materials for smart reticulation system construction - pipes, tanks (NB – not nanoparticles)

Smart Garden Watering guides

 Guide to help municipalities monetize green infrastructure's value

Guidelines for alternative water resource use in new non-residential developments

Alternative industrial cleaning practices to reduce sewage

 Water Wise Hotels

Urban Stormwater harvesting

How to achieve water savings of 80% in mainstream residential buildings

Innovative water and energy optimisation in hospital laundry operations

Recycling water in food manufacturing

 Better incentives to stimulate water reuse and recycling at home and in the workplace

Understanding socio-economic influences on water use

Guidance for the use of recycled water in industry

A guide to using rainwater and greywater at home

Water awareness through game -based learning

Best practice land application strategies for high salinity recycled water

Re-using stormwater runoff water for the maintenance of gardens

Evaluation of water recycling systems for the vehicle cleaning industry

Incorporating sustainable water use principles into plumbing apprentice training

Development of a low cost, low flush (1 to 3 l) toilet pan and cistern

Determine water savings achievable in the commercial sector


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