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(KSA 2) Water-Linked Ecosystems 

Thrust 3: Ecosystem Rehabilitation, Remediation and Restoration

Scope: This thrust addresses the rehabilitation, restoration and remediation of the aquatic environment (including both the abiotic and the biotic components) which has been degraded through anthropogenic activities with the view to restoring, as far as possible, process, form and function in order to provide the stream of goods and services that a healthy aquatic ecosystem should provide. This will be done in terms of both relevant international conventions and national legislation, and seeks to restore biodiversity where possible.  Support will be provided in building the capacity to implement the research findings. Remediation is the only addition to this portfolio. This is proposed to encourage innovative approaches that can be used in rehabilitation and restoration of  water resources and their  ecosystems. Research in this thrust will be carried out in collaboration with key stakeholders

Programme 1: Rivers, Wetlands, Coastal and estuarine systems, and lakes (dams)

Scope:  The research conducted within this programme aims to provide protocols for the rehabilitation of rivers and impoundments, with the emphasis on urban rivers and the impoundments that they feed, that have been degraded as a result of anthropogenic activities or invasive biota.

Programme 2:  Socio-Economics Dynamics

Scope:  The overall objective of this programme is to develop and integrate knowledge on the sociological and economic aspects of water-linked ecosystems with the ecological knowledge, in order to develop the understanding and competence necessary to sustainably manage the aquatic environment.

Programme 3: Environmental Risk management

Scope:  Environmental risk management programmes will be supported by research from this portfolio. Risk assessment methodologies and procedures will be developed and improved. The research will develop knowledge needed for environmental risks mitigation and adaptation.

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