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Results 221-234 of 234.
A manual on mine-water treatment and management practices in South Africa (Vol 5): Catalogue of relevant WRC research projects
Authors: Pulles W; Howie D; Otto D; Easton J; 1996/01/01; Research Report No.527/5/96
Underground neutralisation of mine-water with limestone
Authors: Maree JP; van Tonder GJ; Millard P; 1996/01/01; Research Report No.609/1/96
A study on a mine-water reclamation test plant
Authors: Fourie JW; 1995/03/01; Research Report No.322/1/95
Flooding of Central and East Rand gold mines: An investigation into controls over the inflow rate water quality and the predicted impacts of flooded mines
Authors: Scott R; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.486/1/95
Investigations into the concentration ratios of selected radionuclides in aquatic ecosystems affected by mine drainage effluents with reference to the study of potential pathways to man
Authors: Bain CAR; Schoonbee HJ; de Wet HPD; Hancke JJ; 1994/08/01; Research Report No.313/1/94
Neutralisation of acidic effluents with limestone
Authors: Maree JP; Du Plessis P; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.355/1/94
Determination of the reaction kinetics in a SPARRO seed reactor
Authors: Bailey-McEwan M; Juby GJG; 1993/09/01; Research Report No.461/1/93
The Chemical Removal of Sulphates
1990/10/30; Research Report No.203/1/90
The water requirements and pollution potential of South African gold & uranium mines
Authors: Funke JW; 1990/01/05; Research Report No.KV 9/90
The inhibition of bacterial oxidation of pyrite and the concomitant acid mine drainage
Authors: Sanderson RD; Immelman E; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.132/3/90
Research on the inhibition of bacterial oxidation of pyrite & the concomitant acid mine drainage Part 1: Investigations on gold mine sand dumps
1990/01/01; Research Report No.132/1/90
Research on the inhibition of bacterial oxidation of pyrite & the concomitant acid mine drainage Part 2: Investigations on coal
1990/01/01; Research Report No.132/2/90
Evaluation of electrodialysis reversal for the desalination of brackish mine service water
Authors: Juby GJG; Pulles W; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.179/1/90
Research on the contribution of mine dumps to the mineral pollution load in the Vaal Barrage
1989/07/01; Research Report No.136/1/89
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