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Guidelines pave the way for safe use of greywater
2018/09/03; Water Wheel Article
The synthesis of highly selective immobilised ligands for extraction of toxic metal ions from wastewater
Authors: Barnard B; Bode-Aluko CA; Pereao O; Fatoba OO; Luckay R; Petrik LF; 2018/08/01; Research Report No.2391/1/18
Optimization of sequencing batch reactor for wastewater treatment using chemically enhanced primary treatment as a pre-treatment
Authors: Mian HR; Haydar S; Hussain G; Gul-e-Hina; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Application of molecularly imprinted polymer designed for the selective extraction of ketoprofen from wastewater
Authors: Madikizela LM; Zunngu SS; Mlunguza NY; Tavengwa NT; Mdluli PS; Chimuka L; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
TECHNICAL NOTE: Nutrient removal and microbial settlement in a full-scale subsurface wastewater infiltration system: Impact of varying hydraulic and organic loads and temperature
Authors: Sun Y; Fan L; Tong D; Li Z; Zheng F; Hou W; Pan J; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Characterizing municipal wastewater sludge for sustainable beneficial agricultural use
Authors: Tesfamariam EH; Badza T; Demana MT; Rapaledi MJ; Annandale JG; 2018/07/01; Research Report No.TT 756/18
Energy Recovery from Wastewater Sludge – A Review of Appropriate Emerging and Established Technologies for the South African Industry
Authors: Musvoto EVN; Mgwenya N; Mangashena H; Mackintosh A; 2018/07/01; Research Report No.TT 752/18
Fate and behaviour of Nano Titanium Dioxide (NANO-TiO2) in a simulated wastewater treatment plant with dye effluent
Authors: Mahlalela LC; Ngila JC; Dlamini LN; 2018/06/01; Research Report No.2503/1/18
Cape Town drought places sewerage systems under pressure
2018/05/10; Water Wheel Article
Development of a woven fabric immersed membrane bioreactor (WFIMBR) package plant for decentralized sanitation
Authors: Pillay VL; Cele MX; Deelie M; 2018/05/01; Research Report No.TT 750/18
Effects of a polymeric organic coagulant for industrial mineral oil wastewater treatment using response surface methodology (RSM)
Authors: Kweinor Tetteh E; Rathilal S; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Control of hydrogen sulphide in full-scale anaerobic digesters using iron (III) chloride: performance, origin and effects
Authors: Erdirencelebi D; Kucukhemek M; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Decolourization of Direct Blue 2 by peroxidases obtained from an industrial soybean waste
Authors: Miranda-Mandujano E; Moeller-Chávez G; Villegas-Rosas O; Buitrón G; Garzón-Zúñiga MA; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Influence of temperature on the performance of anaerobic treatment systems of municipal wastewater
Authors: Lucas dos Santos S; Raphaele Morais Chaves S; Van Haandel A; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Decentralised wastewater treatment effluent fertigation: preliminary technical assessment
Authors: Musazura W; Odindo AO; Tesfamariam EH; Hughes JC; Buckley CA; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Potential of dyes as draw solutions in forward osmosis for the South African textile industry
Authors: Sheldon M; Jingxi EZ; De Jager D; Augustine R; Korenak J; Helix-Nielsen C; Petrinic I; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Female urinals: An appropriate technology to reduce queues at public places
2018/03/29; Brief - Technical Brief
Understanding solar thermal drying of faecal sludges
2018/03/29; Brief - Technical Brief
Optimisation of the Latrine Dehyrdation Pasteurisation Faecal Sludge Treatment Processor
2018/03/29; Brief - Technical Brief
Development and validation of novel extraction techniques for the determination of total and bioavailable polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) in wastewater and wastewater sludge
Authors: Ncube S; Tavengwa NT; Cukrowska E; Chimuka L; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.7025/1/17
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