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Results 241-260 of 544.
Smallholder irrigation schemes in South Africa: A review of knowledge generated by the Water Research Commission
Authors: van Averbeke W; Denison J; Mnkeni PNS; 2011/12/13; Water SA Manuscript
Participatory development of provincial aquaculture programmes
Authors: Rouhani Q; Britz PJ; 2011/12/01; Research Report No.TT 502/11
Influence of Unpaved Access Roads on Surface Runoff within Forest Plantations
Authors: Moodley M; Hill TR; Beckedahl H; 2011/12/01; Research Report No.1807/1/11
Irrigation water use efficiency - It's all about balance
2011/11/02; Water Wheel Article
Sustainable techniques and practices for water harvesting and conservation
Authors: Everson C; Everson TM; Modi AT; Csiwila D; Fanadzo M; Naiken V; Auerbach RMB; Moodley M; Mtshali SM; Dladla R; 2011/11/01; Research Report No.1465/1/11
Contested water rights in post-apartheid South Africa: the struggle for water at catchment level
Authors: Kemerink JS; Ahlers R; Van der Zaag P; 2011/10/26; Water SA Manuscript
Towards sustainable re-use of greywater for small-scale agriculture
2011/10/06; Brief - Technical Brief
Madumbe crops and their impact on wetland vegetation
2011/10/06; Brief - Technical Brief
Water-related research projects in agriculture undertaken in South Africa
Authors: Winter D; Bangure K; 2011/10/01; Research Report No.TT 503/11
Irrigation methods for efficient water application
Authors: Reinders FB; 2011/09/09; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Improved water use only a satellite away
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Taking back the 'lost' wetland
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Irrigation scheduling research:South African experiences and future prospects
Authors: Annandale JG; Stirzaker R; Singels A; van der Laan M; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Irrigation Canal Management with Support of WAS
Authors: Benadé N; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Towards realising the potential of aquaculture and fisheries as a beneficial use of water
Authors: Britz P; Rouhani Q; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Food safety and irrigation water
Authors: Britz TJ; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Renewable Energy Through Biofuels and Biogas
Authors: Jewitt GPW; Everson TM; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Water use efficiency
Authors: Laker MC; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Water use, drought tolerance and nutritional value of indigenous crops: an overview
Authors: Modi AT; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Modelling of water values in different use sectors of South Africa
Authors: Nieuwoudt WL; Backeberg GR; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
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