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Irrigation guidelines for mixed pastures and lucerne
Authors: Truter W; Sehoole O; Murphy M; Fessehazion M; Annandale J; Jarmain C; Dlamini M; Everson C; 2016/12/01; Research Report No.TT 697/16
Appropriate entrepreneurial development paths in the transition from homestead food gardening to smallholder irrigation crop farming in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Authors: Obi A; 2016/12/01; Research Report No.2178/1/16
Evaluation of the risks associated with the use of rooftop rainwater harvesting and groundwater for domestic use and livestock watering
Authors: Korsten L; Casey NH; Chidamba L; 2016/12/01; Research Report No.2175/1/16
Evaluation of the risks associated with the use of rooftop rainwater harvesting and groundwater for domestic use and livestock watering
Authors: Korsten L; Casey NH; Chidamba L; 2016/12/01; Research Report No.2175/2/16
Improving the lives of rural communities
2016/11/15; Brief - Technical Brief
Modelling impacts of climate change on selected South African crop farming systems
Authors: Johnston PA; Oosthuizen HJ; Schulze RE; Crespo O; Louw DB; Tadross MA; Waagsaether K; Arowolo S; 2016/11/14; Research Report No.1882/1/16
Smallholder farmers need a leg-up to adapt to climate change
2016/11/11; Water Wheel Article
Smallholder Irrigation Entrepreneurial Development Pathways and Livelihoods in Two Districts in Limpopo Province
Authors: Denison J; Dube SV; Masiya TC; Moyo T; Murata C; Mpyana J; van Averbeke LL; Van Averbeke W; 2016/11/01; Research Report No.2179/1/16
Water use and food security: Knowledge dissemination and use in Agricultural colleges and local learning networks for homestead food gardening and smallholder farming
Authors: Lotz-sisitka H; Pesanayi T; Weaver K; Lupele C; Sisitka L; O’Donoghue R; Sithole P; van Standen W; Mabeza C; Denison J; Phillips K; 2016/11/01; Research Report No.2277/1/16
Nutritional water productivity of traditional vegetable crops
Authors: Nyathi MK; Annandale JG; Beletse YG; Beukes DJ; Du Plooy CP ; Pretorius B; van Halsema GE; 2016/10/01; Research Report No.2171/1/16
Sowing seeds of knowledge
2016/09/15; Water Wheel Article
Scoping study on different on-farm treatment options to reduce the high microbial contaminant loads of irrigation water to reduce the related food safety risk
Authors: Sigge GO; Lamprecht C; 2016/09/06; Research Report No.2174/1/16
The current rain-fed and irrigated production of food crops and its potential to meet the year-round nutritional requirements of rural poor people in North West, Limpopo,Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape
Authors: Hendriks SL; Viljoen A; Marais D; Wenhold F; McIntyre AM; Ngidi MS; van der Merwe C; Annandale J; Kalaba M; Stewart D; 2016/09/01; Research Report No.2172/1/16
Developing a research agenda for promoting underutilised, indigenous and traditional crops
Authors: Modi AT; Mabhaudhi T; 2016/09/01; Research Report No.KV 362/16
Rehabilitation of alien invaded riparian zones and catchments using indigenous trees: An assessment of indigenous tree water-use volume 1: Research report
Authors: Scott-Shaw BC; Everson CS; Geldenhuys CJ; Starke A; Atsame-Edda A; Schutte SR; Mupemba M; 2016/08/01; Research Report No.2081/1/16
Training the trainers – Guiding extension advisors in irrigation
2016/07/19; Brief - Policy Brief
Celebrating biodiversity in agriculture
2016/07/15; Water Wheel Article
Empowerment of women in rural areas through water use security and agricultural skills training for gender equity and poverty reduction in Kwazulu-Natal and North West province
Authors: Oladele OI; Mudhara M; 2016/07/01; Research Report No.2176/1/16
Development of technical and financial norms and standards for drainage of irrigated lands: Volume 3: Guidance for the Implementation of Surface and Sub-surface Drainage Projects in South Africa
Authors: Reinders FB; Oosthuizen H; Senzanje A; Smithers JC; van der Merwe RJ; van der Stoep I; Van Rensburg L; 2016/06/03; Research Report No.TT 655/15
Knowledge brokering and dissemination of irrigation management guidelines for training of extension advisors
Authors: Stevens JB; Van Heerden PS; 2016/06/01; Research Report No.KV 356/16
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