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Agroforestry poised to grow economy and save water
2003/01/07; Water Wheel Article
The use of isotope (δ 13 C) techniques to devine the riparian zone in commercially afforested cathments
Authors: Woodborne S; Robertson L; February E; 2003/01/06; Research Report No.1218/1/03
An estimation of the value of water in the commercial forestry sector in selected areas in South Africa: A case study of KwaZulu-Natal
Authors: Tewari DD; 2003/01/03; Research Report No.1133/1/03
Predicting the water use and growth of Eucalyptus trees in Zululand
2003/01/03; Water Wheel Article
The effect of the introduction of agroforestry species on the soil moisture regime of traditional cropping systems in natural areas
Authors: Everson CS; Everson TM; van Niekerk W; von Maltitz G; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.780/1/02
Cleaning and pre-treatment techniques for ultrafiltration membranes fouled by pulp and paper effluent
Authors: Swart P; Domingo GS; Jacobs EP; Burch G; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.1035/1/01
Estimation of streamflow reductions resulting from commercial afforestation in South Africa
Authors: Gush MB; Scott DF; Jewitt GPW; Schulze RE; Lumsden TG; Hallowes LA; Gorgens AHM; 2002/04/01; Research Report No.TT 173/02
Determining the water use and growth of forest plantations through GIS-based integration of remote sensing and field data in the 3-PG model
Authors: Dye P; Megown R; Jacobs S; Drew D; Megown K; Dicks M; Mthembu S; Pretorius C; 2002/01/11; Research Report No.1194/1/02
Investigation of the feasibility of using trunk growth increments to estimate water use of Eucalyptus grandis and Pinus patula plantations
Authors: Dye P; Vilakazi P; Ndlela R; Gush M; Royappen M; 2001/01/10; Research Report No.809/1/01
A re-analysis of the South African catchment afforestation experimental data
Authors: Scott DF; Prinsloo FW; Moses G; Mehlomakulu M; Simmers ADA; 2000/01/10; Research Report No.810/1/00
An investigation of the stem steady state heat energy balance technique in determining water use by trees
Authors: Savage MJ; Graham AND; Lightbody KE; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.348/1/00
Mycoprotein production on spent sulphite liquor
Authors: Lempett GG; Pretorious SN; 1997/01/06; Research Report No.263/1/97
The removal of suspended solids from pulp and paper effluents by employing the combined sedimentation flotation process
Authors: Whyte DC; Swartz CD; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.333/1/97
Evaporation measurement above vegetated surfaces using micro-meteorogical techniques
Authors: Savage MJ; Everson CS; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.349/1/97
The determination of the relationship between transpiration rate and declining available water for eaucalyptus grandis
Authors: Dye PJ; Poulter AG; S Soko; Maphanga D; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.441/1/97
The hydrological implications of afforestation in the North-Eastern Cape
Authors: Forsyth CG; Versfeld DB; Chapman RA; Fowles BK; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.511/1/97
The development of guidelines for the design of streamwater quality monitoring strategies in the forestry industry
Authors: Lesch W; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.524/1/95
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