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Results 221-240 of 390.
A new approach to the step-drawdown test
Authors: Summa G; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Revisiting the stream-aquifer flow problem with a flux-based Green element model
Authors: Taigbenu AE; Nyirenda E; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Optimisation of representative elementary area (REA) for the preparation of lineament density map of fractured rock aquifer
Authors: Jia H; Lin L; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Groundwater reserve determination for current and potential wellfield development of TMG Aquifers
Authors: Riemann K; Blake D; 2010/04/19; Research Report No.KV 236-10
The use of radon 222 as a hydrological tracer in natural and polluted environments
Authors: Hobbs PJ ; Lindsay R; Maherry AM; Matshaya M; Newman B; Talha SA; 2010/03/31; Research Report No.1685-1-10
Large scale quantification of aquifer storage and volumes from the Peninsula and Skurweberg Formations in the southwestern Cape
Authors: Blake D; Mlisa A; Hartnady C; 2010/03/29; Water SA Manuscript
New strategy to light path for sustainable groundwater use
2010/03/08; Water Wheel Article
The link between Movability Number and Incipient Motion in river sediments
Authors: Armitage N; Rooseboom A; 2010/01/28; Water SA Manuscript
A learning strategy framework for natural resource management organisations
Authors: Roux D; Murray K; Hill L; 2010/01/25; Research Report No.TT427/09
Automatic calibration of the Pitman model using the shaffled complex evolution method
Authors: Ndiritu J G; 2009/11/30; Research Report No.KV229-09
Water Resources: South Africans must start saving every drop
2009/11/10; Water Wheel Article
Mine-water irrigation: Impact of irrigation usage on groundwater resources
2009/10/30; Brief - Technical Brief
Is Groenvlei really fed by groundwater discharged from the Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifer?
Authors: Parsons R; 2009/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Comparison of GRACE with in situ hydrological measurement data shows storage depletion in Hai River basin, Northern China
Authors: Moiwo JP; Yang Y; Li H; Han S; Hu Y; 2009/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Aquifer vulnerability to contamination
2009/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
Methods and guidelines for the licencing of SFRAs with particular reference to low flows
Authors: Jewitt GPW; Lorentz SA; Gush MB; Thornton-Dibb S; Kongo V; Blight J; Stuart-Hill SI; Versfeld D; Wiles L; 2009/09/28; Research Report No.1428-1/09
Groundwater flow conceptualisation and storage determination of the Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifers
Authors: Xu Y; Jia H; Lin L; 2009/09/08; Research Report No.1419/1/09
Nitrate in groundwater-why is it a hazard and how to control it?
Authors: Tredoux G; Engelbrecht P; Sumaya I; 2009/08/06; Research Report No.TT 410/09
WRC studies shed light on groundwater polluting chemicals
2009/08/01; Water Wheel Article
Two new methods for the determination of hydraulic fracture apertures in fractured-rock aquifers
Authors: Akoachere RA; Van Tonder G; 2009/04/30; Water SA Manuscript
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