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Results 81-91 of 91.
Characterisation of the social and economic value of the use and associated conservation of the yellowfishes in the Vaal river
Authors: Brand M; Maina J; Mander M; O’Brien G; 2009/10/30; Research Report No.KV 226-09
Aspects of the ecology and population management of the bushveld smallscale yellowfish (labeobarbus polylepis)
Authors: O’Brien G; 2009/08/01; Research Report No.KV 225/09
Authors: Kotze D; Ellery W; 2009/07/31; Research Report No.TT 343/09
WET-RehabEvaluate Guidelines for monitoring and evaluating wetland rehabilitation projects
Authors: Kotze D; Cowden C; 2009/03/25; Research Report No.TT 342/09
International conference held to aid environment
2009/01/05; Water Wheel Article
Hydraulics for determination of the ecological reserve for rivers
Authors: Jordanova AA; Birkhead AL; James CS; Kleynhans CJ; 2004/01/12; Research Report No.1174/1/04
The botanical importance rating of estuaries in the former Ciskei/Transkei
Authors: Colloty BM; Adams JB; Bate GC; 2001/01/01; Research Report No.TT160/01
Laboratory Calibration of Compound Sharp-Crested & Crump Weirs
Authors: Rooseboom A; Rossouw J; Wessels P; 1995/10/30; Research Report No.442/1/95
Opgaring & Benutting van Reënwater in Grond vir die Stabilisering van Plantproduksie in Halfdroë Gebiede
Authors: Bennie ATP; Hoffman JE; Coetzee MJ; Very HS; 1994/10/30; Research Report No.227/1/94
The Chemical Removal of Sulphates
1990/10/30; Research Report No.203/1/90
'n Waterbalansmodel vir Besproeiing, gebaseer op Profielwatervoorsieningstempo en Gewaswaterbehoeftes
Authors: Bennie ATP; Coetzee MJ; Van Antwerpen R; Van Rensburg LD; Du T Burger R; 1988/02/28; Research Report No.144/1/88
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