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Results 61-80 of 92.
Combining social and environmental outcomes through wetland rehabilitation
Authors: Dini J; Ellery W; 2011/08/31; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
The Biological and Physico-chemical Database (version 2): User Manual
Authors: Dallas H; Molteno A; Janssens P; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.KV 262/10
Use of Stable Isotope analysis to describe aquatic foodwebs in the Kruger National Park
Authors: Harding WR; Hart RC; 2011/02/03; Research Report No.KV 256/10
Ecology, water and enterprise development in selected rural South African towns
Authors: Toerien DF; Seaman MT; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Special day explores link between wetlands and forests
2011/01/18; Water Wheel Article
Estimating the recreational value of freshwater inflows into the Klein and Kwelera estuaries: An application of the zonal travel cost method
Authors: du Preez M; Hosking S; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
The karst system of the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site
2010/10/25; Research Report No.KV 2 4 1-1 0
Estuaries ,Economics and Freshwater :an introduction
Authors: Hay D; Hosking JG ; McKenzie CB; 2010/09/19; Research Report No.TT470/10
International Year of Biodiversity September 2010
2010/09/10; Water Wheel Article
Eutrophication Research Impact Assessment
2010/07/22; Research Report No.TT461-10
News on International Year of Biodiversity July 2010
2010/07/09; Water Wheel Article
Framework and manual for the evaluation of aquatic ecosystems services for the resource directed measures
Authors: Ginsburg AE; Crafford JG; Harris KR; 2010/07/01; Research Report No.TT 462/10
Compiling vegetation data in wetlands in Kwazulu-Natal, Free State and Mpumalanga, providing minimum data requirements and a sampling protocol
Authors: Sieben EJJ; 2010/06/01; Research Report No.KV 258-10
Guidelines for facilitating cooperative and adaptive management of freshwater ecosystems
Authors: Roux D; Murray K; Hill L; 2010/05/27; Research Report No.TT404
Balancing resource protection and development in a highly regulated river: The role of conjunctive use
Authors: Still DA; Dickens C; Breen CM; Mander M; Booth A; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Wetland valuation. vol III - a tool for the assessment of the livelihood value of wetlands
Authors: Turpie J ; Malan A; 2010/03/31; Research Report No.TT442/09
Wet-sustainable use-a system for assessing the sustainability of wetland use
Authors: Kotze D; Malan A; 2010/03/30; Research Report No.TT438/09
Wetland valuation Vol IV - protocol for the quantification and valuation of wetland ecosystem services
Authors: Turpie J ; Kleynhans M; Malan A; 2010/03/30; Research Report No.TT 443-09
Wetland valuation vol II - wetland valuation case studies
Authors: Turpie J ; Malan A; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT441/09
The assessment of temporary wetlands during dry conditions
Authors: Day J; Day E; Ketley A; Malan A; Ross-Gillespie V; 2010/03/25; Research Report No.TT434/09
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