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Results 21-40 of 109.
Role of Fertilizers in Trace Metal (Specifically Cadmium) Contamination of Groundwater
2014/09/01; Research Report No.KV 334/14
Reportback session 4 – The State of South African Water Resources
2014/08/12; Conference Proceedings
Water history: The day the Vaal flowed backwards
2014/07/10; Water Wheel Article
Identifying and prioritising water research questions
2014/05/30; Brief - Technical Brief
The South African Water History Archival Repository (SAWHAR) project at North-West University (Vaal) and a historical overview of the Waterlit Collection
Authors: Tempelhoff J; 2014/04/01; Research Report No.KV 326/13
Reflections on the history of aquatic science in South Africa with particular reference to the period after 1994
Authors: Roux DJ; Breen CM; Carruthers J; 2014/03/25; Water SA Manuscript
The forgotten work of the Intercolonial Irrigation Commission
2014/02/24; Water Wheel Article
SASAqS - Serving the region for 50 years
2014/02/24; Water Wheel Article
A walk down memory lane: Remembering the golden years of dam building
2014/01/14; Water Wheel Article
St Lucia 2001 to 2012: A decade of drought
2014/01/02; Brief - Technical Brief
The freshwater science landscape in South Africa, 1900-2010
2013/11/20; Brief - Policy Brief
Lake Dunbar - the failed dam of King
2013/10/30; Water Wheel Article
Viewpoint - Why has the South African National Water Act been so difficult to implement?
2013/09/30; Water Wheel Article
Pretoria's Fountains - Arteries of Life
Authors: Dippenaar MA; 2013/07/30; Research Report No.SP 44/13
Report unearths rich history of SA aquatic science
2013/04/22; Water Wheel Article
Steenbras Dam - Faithful supplier of water & power
2013/03/04; Water Wheel Article
Discover the wonder of the water wheel
2012/11/02; Water Wheel Article
In the footsteps of giants - Exploring the history of South Africa's large dams
Authors: Van Vuuren L; 2012/09/01; Special Publication
Leeuw-Gamka - A poignant time in history
2012/08/29; Water Wheel Article
SA’s engineering giants help launch WRC’s book on history of large dams
2012/06/25; Water Wheel Article
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