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Results 241-260 of 563.
Removal of nickel from wastewater using an agricultural adsorbent
Authors: Moodley K; Singh R; Musapatika ET; Onyango MS; Ochieng A; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Learning to manage quality in a multiple reservoir system: contribution of a companion modelling approach
Authors: Ducrot R; Clavel L; Bommel P; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
A comparison between the fixture unit approach and Monte Carlo simulation for designing water distribution systems
Authors: Mui KW; Wong LT; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
TECHNICAL NOTE: River modelling to infer flood management framework
Authors: Mah DYS; Hii CP; Putuhena FJ; Lai SH; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
TECHNICAL NOTE: A new method for the determination of water quality
Authors: Jezierska K; Gonet B; Podraza W; Domek H; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Multi-criteria decision making for water resource management: A case study of the Gediz River Basin, Turkey
Authors: Yilmaz B; Harmancioglu NB; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
The defouling of membranes using polymer beads containing magnetic micro particles
Authors: McLachlan D; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Sonochemical degradation of the antibiotic cephalexin in aqueous solution
Authors: Guo W; Wang H; Shi Y; Zhang G; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
REVIEW: The fundamental mechanism of aqueous contaminant removal by metallic iron
Authors: Noubactep C; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
SA hopes to answer big questions around the impact of small science
2010/09/10; Water Wheel Article
A model for rapidly assessing the impact of waste discharge on downstream water quality
Authors: Herold CE; Blight J; Rowse A; Dladla S; 2010/08/14; Research Report No.1212-1-10
Simulation of the flow in dolomitic aquifers using the thermo-nuclear 14C isotope injected into the atmosphere as a tracer
Authors: Bredenkamp DB; Janse van Rensburg H; 2010/08/01; Research Report No.KV251/10
Challenges in using fish communities for assessing the ecological integrity of non-perennial rivers
Authors: Avenant MF; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Comparison of conventional culture and real-time quantitative PCR using SYBR Green for detection of Legionella pneumophila in water samples
Authors: Fittipaldi M; Codony F; Morató J; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Synthesis of silver impregnated carbon nanotubes and cyclodextrin polyurethanes for the disinfection of water
Authors: Lukhele LP; Krause RWM; Mamba BB; Momba MNB; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
The effect of conditioning with NaCl, KCl and HCl on the performance of natural clinoptilolite’s removal efficiency of Cu2+ and Co2+ from Co/Cu synthetic solutions
Authors: Mamba BB; Nyembe DW; Mulaba-Bafubiandi AF; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
The effect of silica concentration on the biosorption of Cu2+ and Co2+ from aqueous solutions mediated by strains of Bacillus
Authors: Dlamini NP; Mamba BB; Mulaba-Bafubiandi AF; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Water network rehabilitation: a group decision-making approach
Authors: Morais DC; Almeida AT; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Flux flow and cleaning enhancement in a spiral membrane element, using continuous infrasonic backpulsing
Authors: McLachlan DS; Koen D; Sanderson RD; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Optimisation of the membrane-assisted passive sampler and its comparison with solid phase extraction technique
Authors: Nyoni H; Chimuka L; Vrana B; Cukrowska E; Tutu H; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
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