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Results 181-200 of 563.
Optimal synthesis of a Ni(II)-dimethylglyoxime ion-imprinted polymer for the enrichment of Ni(II) ions in water, soil and mine tailing samples
Authors: Rammika M; Darko G; Torto N; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
The influence of pH on the adsorption of lead by Na-clinoptilolite: Kinetic and equilibrium studies
Authors: Mihaly Cozmuta L; Mihaly Cozmuta A; Peter A; Nicula C; Bakatula Nsimba E; Tutu H; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Fluoride removal performance of phosphoric acid treated lime: breakthrough analysis and point-of-use system performance
Authors: Murutu C; Onyango MS; Ochieng A; Otieno FAO; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Sensitivity study of reduced models of the activated sludge process, for the purposes of parameter estimation and process optimisation: Benchmark process with ASM1 and UCT reduced biological models
Authors: du Plessis S; Tzoneva R; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Taking on the challenges of water resources assessment
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
Reassessment of the mini--SASS biomonitoring tool as a resource for environmental education in the River Health Programme and cross-linking with the national curriculum statement
Authors: Graham M; 2012/04/01; Research Report No.KV 240/12
Novel index reveals vulnerable aquifers in SA
2012/03/15; Water Wheel Article
Water research - Looking at the next 40 years
2012/03/15; Water Wheel Article
True water resources management - It's a matter of integration
2012/03/15; Water Wheel Article
Writing fundable proposals – a guideline
2012/02/14; Research Document
Application of magnesium hydroxide and barium hydroxide for the removal of metals and sulphate from mine water
Authors: Bologo V; Maree JP; Carlsson F; 2012/01/27; Water SA Manuscript
TECHNICAL NOTE: Effects of free-surface on design charts for open channels
Authors: Rahimpour M; 2012/01/27; Water SA Manuscript
TECHNICAL NOTE: On modifying the Arrhenius equation to compensate for temperature changes for reactions within biological systems
Authors: Sheridan C; Peterson J; Rohwer J; 2012/01/27; Water SA Manuscript
Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on the yield of reservoirs
2012/01/26; Brief - Technical Brief
Solving the puzzling death of Kruger crocodiles
2012/01/26; Brief - Technical Brief
Developing methods to determine the environmental water requirements of non-perennial systems
2012/01/26; Brief - Technical Brief
Towards improving the assessment and implementation of the Reserve
Authors: Pollard S; Mallory SJL; Riddell E ; Sawunyama T; 2012/01/01; Research Report No.KV282/11
Life-cycle assessments in the South African water sector: A review and future challenges
Authors: Buckley C; Friedrich E; von Blottnitz H; 2011/12/13; Water SA Manuscript
New technology helps scientists shed light on fish movement in estuaries
2011/11/02; Water Wheel Article
New tool to help fight war against alien invaders
2011/11/02; Water Wheel Article
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