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Results 201-220 of 259.
Dam project could improve aquatic environment
2005/11/30; Water Wheel Article
Dams in South Africa
2005/07/29; Water Wheel Article
The development of a computerised system for auditing real time or historical water use from large reservoirs in order to promote the efficiency of water use
Authors: Pott A; Hallowe J; Mtshali S; van Rooyen M; Clulow A; Everson C; 2005/01/01; Research Report No.1300/1/05
Water quality: Would you swim here?
2005/01/01; Water Wheel Article
Hartbeespoort Dam - An action plan
2004/11/19; Water Wheel Article
Toxin production by cyanobacteria
Authors: Botes E; Grobbelaar JU; Oberholster AM; Oberholster PJ; van den Heever JA; 2004/08/01; Research Report No.1029/1/04
Development of a general strategy for optimizing the efficient use of primary water resources for effective alleviation of rural poverty
Authors: Laker MC; 2004/03/01; Research Report No.KV 149/04
Freshwater fish and human health - Reference guide
Authors: Heath RA; du Preez H; Genthe B; Avenant-Oldewage A; 2004/03/01; Research Report No.TT213=-4
Guidelines for the planning, design and operation of fishways in South Africa: First edition
Authors: Bok A; Rossouw J; Rooseboom A; 2004/01/12; Research Report No.1270/2/04
The development and evaluation of new South African ozoniser technology for removal of enteric viruses and tastes and odours present in Harteespoort dam water
Authors: Strydom R; 2004/01/07; Research Report No.1127/1/04
New hope for troubled waters - The Hartbeespoort Dam test case
2004/01/01; Water Wheel Article
Predicting the Impact of Farming Systems on Sediment Yield in the Context of Integrated Catchment Management
Authors: Van Zyl A; Lorentz S; 2003/12/01; Research Report No.1059/1/03
Development of a membrane photobioreactor for the study of microsystin production by cyanobacteria
Authors: Leukes WD; Strong J; Downing TC; 2003/01/10; Research Report No.1103/1/03
World Commission on Large Dams - What South Africa is doing about it
2003/01/09; Water Wheel Article
Prediction of the formation of density currents for the management of reservoir sedimentation
Authors: Basson GR; Oosthuizen A; Wicht H; van der Walt SP; 2003/01/08; Research Report No.911/1/03
The hydraulics of the impacts of dam development on the river morphology
Authors: Beck JS; Basson GR; 2003/01/06; Research Report No.1102/1/03
Operational model of the Orange River
Authors: Fair KA; 2003/01/05; Research Report No.865/1/03
Water quality: Would you swim here?
2003/01/05; Water Wheel Article
Impact on invasive alien vegetation on dam yields
Authors: Le Maitre D; Gorgens A; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.KV 141/03
Factors that influence adult blackfly (Diptera: Simuliidae) survival along the Lower Orange River, South Africa
Authors: Myburgh E; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.1019/1/03
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