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Results 141-160 of 268.
Ecological impacts of small dams on South African rivers Part 2: Biotic response – abundance and composition of macroinvertebrate communities
Authors: Mantel SK; Muller NWJ; Hughes DA; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Balancing resource protection and development in a highly regulated river: The role of conjunctive use
Authors: Still DA; Dickens C; Breen CM; Mander M; Booth A; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Investigating the applicability of ecological informatics modelling techniques for predicting harmful algal blooms in hypertrophic reservoirs of South Africa
Authors: Van Ginkel CE; Du Plessis S; Bezuidenhout JJ; 2010/04/01; Research Report No.TT 451-09
Wemmershoek - 75 years in the making
2010/03/08; Water Wheel Article
Learning strategy framework for the Inkomati Catchment Management Agency
Authors: Roux D; Murray K; Hill L; 2010/01/31; Research Report No.TT 426/09
Quantifying the annual fish harvest from South Africa’s largest freshwater reservoir
Authors: Ellender BR; Weyl OLF; Winker H; Booth AJ; 2010/01/28; Water SA Manuscript
A learning strategy framework for natural resource management organisations
Authors: Roux D; Murray K; Hill L; 2010/01/25; Research Report No.TT427/09
Water Resources: South Africans must start saving every drop
2009/11/10; Water Wheel Article
Climate change and water
2009/10/30; Brief - Technical Brief
Who uses the fishery resources in South Africa’s largest impoundment? Characterising subsistence and recreational fishing sectors on Lake Gariep
Authors: Ellender BR; Weyl OLF; Winker H; 2009/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Eutrophication - Catchment-scale assessments for surface waters
2009/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
Blue-green algae - Making water dangerous
2009/09/11; Water Wheel Article
Darlington Dam - South Africa's troubled lake
2009/08/01; Water Wheel Article
Small farm dams: A ticking time-bomb?
2009/08/01; Water Wheel Article
How to manage the cumulative flood safety of catchment dams
Authors: Pisaniello JD; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Recent blooms of the dinoflagellate Ceratium in Albert Falls Dam (KZN): History, causes, spatial features and impacts on a reservoir ecosystem and its zooplankton
Authors: Hart RC; Wragg PD; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
An overview of cyanobacterial research and management in South Africa post-2000
Authors: Harding WR; Downing TG; Van Ginkel CE; Moolman APM; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Pongolapoort Dam: Development steeped in controversy
2009/06/01; Water Wheel Article
Destratification induced by bubble plumes as a means to reduce evaporation from open impoundments
Authors: Van Dijk M; Van Vuuren SJ; 2009/03/31; Water SA Manuscript
WR2005 Executive Summary
Authors: Middleton BJ; Bailey AK; 2009/03/01; Research Report No.TT380/08
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