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Results 61-78 of 78.
Water quality management for small communities: WATTREAT guidelines manual
Authors: Murphy KO’H; 2002/03/19; Research Report No.962/1/02
Benchmarking of leakage for water suppliers in South Africa - User guide for the Benchleak model
Authors: McKenzie RS; Lambert AO; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.TT 159/01
Calculating Hour-Day factors for potable water distribution systems in SA - User guide for the HDF model
Authors: McKenzie RS; Meyer N; Lambert AO; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.TT184/02
Using SAPWAT to estimate water requirements of crops in selected areas managed by the Orange-Vaal and Orange-Riet Water User Associations
Authors: Van Heerden PS; Crosby CT; Crosby CP; 2001/10/01; Research Report No.TT163/01
PRESMAC - Pressure Management Program
Authors: McKenzie R; 2001/03/01; Research Report No.TT 152/01
User's guide: 3D visualisation software for PMWIN and related groundwater flow and transport models
Authors: Chiang WH; Bekker M; 2001/01/07; Research Report No.1007/1/01
An Internet service centre on water modelling systems for the mining industry
Authors: Howard MR; Heymans JJ; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.901/1/00
Development of a standardised approach to evaluate burst and background losses in water distribution systems in South Africa
Authors: McKenzie R; 1999/06/01; Research Report No.TT 109/99
The biological and chemical database - User manual
Authors: Dallas H; 1998/10/01; Research Report No.TT100/98
Gebruik van rekenaarmodelle vir landboukundige waterbestuur op ekotoopvlak (SWAMP computer package)
Authors: Bennie ATP; Strydom MG; Very HS; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.TT 102/98
Reservoir system operational optimisation
Authors: Manson NJ; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.757/1/98
Capital cost optimisation of pumping and reservoir system design
Authors: Barta B; Rowse N; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.757/2/98
The development of an urban component of the ACRU model
Authors: Schmitz PMU; de Villiers GduT; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.424/1/97
The development of a computerised management system for irrigation schemes
Authors: Benadé N; Annandale JG; Van Zijl H; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.513/1/97
Sapwat 1.0 - A computer program for estimating irrigation requiremnts in Southern Africa
Authors: Crosby CT; 1996/01/01; Research Report No.379/1/96
Die ontwikkeling van vloedskadefunksies en 'n rekenaarprogram om die voordele van vloedbeheer- en vloedskadebeheermaatreels te bepaal. Deel 1: Samevattende Verslag
Authors: Viljoen MF; du Plessis LA; Booysen HJ; 1996/01/01; Research Report No.490/1/96
Conversion of the software packages TRICON and BAYES from personal computers to machine using the UNIX operating system
Authors: Buys J; van Tonder GJ; Botha JF; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.566/1/95
SAPFACT 1.0 - A computer program for qualitative evaluation of irrigation farming
Authors: Crosby CT; 1994/09/01; Research Report No.382/1/96
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