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Results 181-200 of 374.
The effect of conditioning with NaCl, KCl and HCl on the performance of natural clinoptilolite’s removal efficiency of Cu2+ and Co2+ from Co/Cu synthetic solutions
Authors: Mamba BB; Nyembe DW; Mulaba-Bafubiandi AF; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
The effect of silica concentration on the biosorption of Cu2+ and Co2+ from aqueous solutions mediated by strains of Bacillus
Authors: Dlamini NP; Mamba BB; Mulaba-Bafubiandi AF; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Energy from wastewater-a feasibility study
Authors: Harrison S; Pather-Elias S; Burton S; Cohen B; 2010/07/22; Research Report No.TT 400/09
Energy from wastewater– a feasibility study
Authors: Burton S; Harrison S; Pather-Elias S; Stafford W ; Van Hille R; Von Blottnitz H; Cohen B; 2010/07/07; Research Report No.TT 399-09
Towards standards for municipal invoices in South Africa
Authors: Slabbert S; 2010/06/23; Research Report No.TT 458-10
Evaluation of scaling prevention in reverse osmosis membranes by anodic zinc addition and magnetic fields
Authors: Goldie I; Aziz M; Petersen M; McLachlan D; 2010/05/22; Research Report No.KV 239-10
All eyes on Olifants as experts search for answers
2010/05/13; Water Wheel Article
Removal of copper(II) from aqueous solution using spent tea leaves (STL) as a potential sorbent
Authors: Bajpai SK; Jain A; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
A first order inventory of water use and effluent production by SA industrial, mining and electricity generation sectors
Authors: Cloete TE; Gerber A; 2010/04/14; Research Report No.1547/1/10
The application of chronic (sublethal) toxicity endponts to the development of resource quality
Authors: Gordon AK ; Slaughter AR; Muller WJ; 2010/01/30; Research Report No.1484-1-09
First order assessment of the quantity and quality of non-point sources of pollution associated with industrial, mining and power generation
Authors: Heath RG; Schutte CF; Schoeman JJ; 2009/11/27; Research Report No.1627/1/09
Assessing the impact of membrane-related research
2009/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
Blue-green algae - Making water dangerous
2009/09/11; Water Wheel Article
Removal of the fouling layer on membrane filters used in water filtration by a combination of mechanical impact and purification chemicals
Authors: McLachlan D; Shugman EM; 2009/09/01; Research Report No.KV 227/09
Investigation of hybrid membrane system for purification of wastewaters from the olive industry with simultaneous recovery of valuable components
Authors: Harrison STL; Garcin CJ; 2009/09/01; Research Report No.KV 230/09
The Rhodes Biosure process: Part 3 - Sulphur removal unit operations
Authors: Molwantwa JB; Bowker M; Gilfillan J; Rein N; Dorrington RA; Hart OO; Rose PD; 2009/08/01; Research Report No.TT411/08
Inactivation of high concentration of pathogens in land-applied food industry sludge
Authors: Méndez-Contreras JM; Atenodoro J; Champión FA; Vallejo-Cantú NA; Alvarado-Lassman A; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Simulation of a wastewater treatment plant receiving industrial effluents
Authors: Mhlanga FT; Brouckaert CJ; Foxon KM; Fennemore C; Mzulwini D; Buckley CA; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Guidelines to facilitate legal compliance with respect to industrial waste management ,volume 1:managing your wastes to achieve legal compliance: an industry guide
Authors: Oosthuizen N; Bell J; 2009/07/07; Research Report No.TT 395/09
Guidelines to facilitate legal compliance with respect to industrial waste management, volume 2:achieving legal compliance for intermediate waste contractors: a contractor’s guide
Authors: Oosthuizen N; Bell J; 2009/07/07; Research Report No.TT 396/09
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