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Results 161-180 of 381.
W2RAP in the context of Water Services Regulation and its potential to improve water quality from land-based activities
Authors: Manus L; van der Merwe B; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Mercury levels in SA: A national survey
2011/08/05; Brief - Policy Brief
Characterisation and applications of synthesised cation exchanger guar gum sulphonic acid (GSA) resin for removal and recovery of toxic metal ions from industrial wastewater
Authors: Singh AV; Sharma NK; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
Biosorptive removal of Pb2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ ions from water by Lagenaria vulgaris shell
Authors: Mitic-Stojanovic D-L; Zarubica A; Purenovic M; Bojic D; Andjelkovic T; Bojic AL; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
Zinc abatement from simulated and industrial wastewaters using sugarcane biomass
Authors: Opeolu BO; Bamgbose O; Fatoki OS; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
REVIEW: Aqueous contaminant removal by metallic iron: Is the paradigm shifting?
Authors: Noubactep C; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
Olifants River - Pioneering catchment wide study reaches halfway mark
2011/06/20; Water Wheel Article
A booklet with South African guidelines, manuals and literature on wastewater treatment 1985-2010
Authors: van der Merwe-Botha M; Manus L; 2011/06/01; Special Publication
The introduction of cleaner production technologies in the South African mining industry
Authors: Trusler G; Mzoboshe S ; 2011/05/13; Research Report No.1553/1/11
SHORT COMMUNICATION: Industrial effluent treatments using heavy-metal removing bacterial bioflocculants
Authors: Lin J; Harichund C; 2011/04/14; Water SA Manuscript
Cleaner Production: A Guidance Document for the Mining Industry in South Africa
Authors: Barclay SJ; Trusler G; von Blottnitz H; Buckley CA; Kothuis B; Janish C; 2011/04/01; Research Report No.TT 485/11
Industrial wastewater remediation via wet air oxidation using immobilised transition metal catalysts
Authors: Mapoliea SF ; Ray S; Darkwa J; Van Wyk J; 2011/02/13; Research Report No.1543/1/10
Application of phycoremediation technology in the treatment of wastewater from a leather-processing chemical manufacturing facility
Authors: Rao PH; Kumar RR; Raghavan BG; Subramanian VV; Sivasubramanian V; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Biodegradation characterisation and kinetics of m-cresol by Lysinibacillus cresolivorans
Authors: Yao H; Ren Y; Wei C; Yue S; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Application of the mixture design to decolourise effluent textile wastewater using continuous stirred bed reactor
Authors: Ayed L; Achour S; Bakhrouf A; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Comparison between a two-stage and single-stage digesters when treating a synthetic wastewater contaminated with phenol
Authors: Hernandez JE; Edyvean RGJ; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
The electro-oxidation of lignin in Sappi Saiccor dissolving pulp mill effluent
Authors: Moodley B; Mulholland DA; Brookes HC; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Removal of nickel from wastewater using an agricultural adsorbent
Authors: Moodley K; Singh R; Musapatika ET; Onyango MS; Ochieng A; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
An investigation of innovative approaches to brine handling
Authors: van der Merwe IW; Lourens A; Waygood C; 2010/11/09; Research Report No.1669-1-09
REVIEW: The fundamental mechanism of aqueous contaminant removal by metallic iron
Authors: Noubactep C; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
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