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Results 201-220 of 356.
Investigation of photocatalysis as an alternative to other advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of filter backwash water
Authors: Chirwa MNE; Bamuza-Pemu EE; 2010/03/12; Research Report No.1717/1/10
A guideline for integrating community-based procurement in the operation & maintenance of basic services
Authors: Lagardien A; Muanda C; Cousins D; Zindoga C; 2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT 423-09
RAPID COMMUNICATION: Organic matter and heavy metals in grey-water sludge
Authors: Eriksson E; Srigirisetty S; Eilerson AM; 2010/01/28; Water SA Manuscript
Guideline document:Package plants for the treatment of domestic wastewater
Authors: van Niekerk A; Seetal A; Dama-Fakir A; Boyd L; Gaydon P; 2009/12/14; Research Report No.K5/1869
Evaluation of modifications to a physicochemical method for determination of readily biodegradable COD
Authors: Escalas-Cañellas A; Ortiz-Balderas MA; Barajas-López MG; 2009/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Improved inspection of wastewater treatment works
2009/10/18; Brief - Technical Brief
Assessing the impact of membrane-related research
2009/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
Towards the regulation of the competences of SA's water services managers
Authors: Muller M; 2009/09/14; Research Report No.TT 401/09
Blue-green algae - Making water dangerous
2009/09/11; Water Wheel Article
Removal of the fouling layer on membrane filters used in water filtration by a combination of mechanical impact and purification chemicals
Authors: McLachlan D; Shugman EM; 2009/09/01; Research Report No.KV 227/09
The Rhodes Biosure process: Part 3 - Sulphur removal unit operations
Authors: Molwantwa JB; Bowker M; Gilfillan J; Rein N; Dorrington RA; Hart OO; Rose PD; 2009/08/01; Research Report No.TT411/08
A simple guide to the chemistry, selection and use of chemicals for water and wastewater treatment
Authors: Leopold P; Freese SD; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.TT 405/09
Energy from wastewater - A feasibility study technical report
Authors: Burton S; Cohen B; Harrison S (Prof); Pather-Elias S; Stafford W; Van Hille R; Von Blottnitz H; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.1732/1/09
A review of a selection of local waste bylaws against the framework of the National Environmental Management Bill, 2007
Authors: Oosthuizen N; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.TT398/09
Guidelines for the utilisation and disposal of wastewater sludge Volume 3 of 5: Requirements for the on-site and off-site disposal of sludge
Authors: Herselman JE; Snyman HG; 2009/06/01; Research Report No.TT 349/09
Guidelines for the utilisation and disposal of wastewater sludge Volume 4 of 5: Requirements for the beneficial use of sludge at high loading rates
Authors: Herselman JE; Moodley P; 2009/06/01; Research Report No.TT 350/09
Guidelines for the utilisation and disposal of wastewater sludge Volume 5 of 5: Requirements for thermal sludge management practices and for commercial products containing sludge
Authors: Herselman JE; Burger LW; Moodley P; 2009/06/01; Research Report No.TT 351/09
Performance of tubular reverse osmosis for the desalination/concentration of a municipal solid waste leachate
Authors: Schoeman JJ; Strachan LJ; 2009/04/30; Water SA Manuscript
Practical application and statistical analysis of titrimetric monitoring of water and sludge samples
Authors: Van Hulle SWH; de Meyer S; Vermeiren TJL; Vergote A; Hogie J; Dejans P; 2009/04/30; Water SA Manuscript
Process design manual for small wastewater works
Authors: Freese SD; Nozaic DJ; 2009/04/22; Research Report No.TT 389-09
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