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Results 241-260 of 634.
Water-Use of the Dominant Natural Vegetation Types of the Eastern Shores Area, Maputoland
Authors: Clulow AD; Everson CS; Jarmain C; Mengitsu M; 2012/08/01; Research Report No.1926/1/12
Distribution, use and ecological roles of the medicinal plants confined to freshwater ecosystems in South Africa
Authors: Wentzel J; Van Ginkel CE; 2012/08/01; Research Report No.KV 300/12
The freshwater science landscape in South Africa, 1900-2010
Authors: Ashton PJ; Roux DJ; Breen CM; Day L; Mitchell SA; Seaman MT; Silberbauer M; 2012/08/01; Research Report No.TT 530/12
Probabilistic modelling of wetland condition
Authors: Rivers-moore N; Cowden C; 2012/08/01; Research Report No.KV 298/12
Nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon in riparian ecosystems along the Berg River (South Africa): The effect of increasing human land use
Authors: Struyf E; Bal KD; Backx H; Vrebos D; Casteleyn A; De Deckere E; Schoelynck J; Brendonck L; Raitt LM; Meire P; 2012/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Evaluating aquatic ecosystem services
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Ecology of the Olifants River
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Estuaries and the impact of reduced flows on value
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Upgrading South Africa's premier river ecology database
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Real-time assessment and implementation of the Ecological Reserve
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Blink and they might be gone – latest biodiversity assessment highlights dangers to SA’s wetlands
2012/06/25; Water Wheel Article
Discovering the secrets of the Olifants sediments
2012/06/25; Water Wheel Article
End of an era as old KNP river research accommodation demolished
2012/06/25; Water Wheel Article
Regional-scale risk assessment methodology using the Relative Risk Model (RRM) for surface freshwater aquatic ecosystems in South Africa
Authors: O'Brien GC; Wepener V; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Prediction of water temperature metrics using spatial modelling in the Eastern and Western Cape, South Africa
Authors: Rivers-Moore NA; Mantel S; Dallas HF; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
The response of microalgal biomass and community composition to environmental factors in the Sundays Estuary
Authors: Kotsedi D; Adams JB; Snow GC; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Hydraulic fracturing: Adding to the debate
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
Tropical storm brings much needed relief to iSimangaliso
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
Frog count - Study confirms rich biodiversity of amphibians in Kruger
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
Monitoring impact of climate change on salt marsh biodiversity
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
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