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Results 201-220 of 432.
New certification system improving SA's water drop for drop
2009/08/01; Water Wheel Article
The South African oxidation and disinfection manual
Authors: van der Walt M; Kruger M; van der Walt C; 2009/07/31; Research Report No.TT406/09
Inactivation of high concentration of pathogens in land-applied food industry sludge
Authors: Méndez-Contreras JM; Atenodoro J; Champión FA; Vallejo-Cantú NA; Alvarado-Lassman A; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Comparison of microbial contamination at various sites along the Plankenburg- and Diep Rivers, Western Cape, South Africa
Authors: Paulse AN; Jackson VA; Khan W; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
An overview of cyanobacterial research and management in South Africa post-2000
Authors: Harding WR; Downing TG; Van Ginkel CE; Moolman APM; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Survey of disinfection efficiency of small drinking water treatment plants: Challenges facing small water treatment plants in South Africa
Authors: Momba MNB; Obi CL; Thompson P; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Heterotrophic plate count vs. in situ bacterial 16S rRNA gene amplicon profiles from drinking water reveal completely different communities with distinct spatial and temporal allocations in a distribution net
Authors: Burtscher MM; Zibuschka F; Mach RL; Lindner G; Farnleitner AH; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Evaluation of the CDC safe water-storage intervention to improve the microbiological quality of point-of-use drinking water in rural communities in South Africa
Authors: Potgieter N; Becker PJ; Ehlers MM; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
A review of a selection of local waste bylaws against the framework of the National Environmental Management Bill, 2007
Authors: Oosthuizen N; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.TT398/09
National standards for drinking water treatment chemicals
Authors: John W; Trollip D; 2009/06/01; Research Report No.1600/1/09
Oestrogenic activity in drinking waters from a rural area in the Waterberg District, Limpopo Province, South Africa
Authors: Aneck-Hahn NH; Bornman MS; de Jager C; 2009/04/30; Water SA Manuscript
Low prevalence of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria isolated from rural south-western Ugandan groundwater
Authors: Soge OO; Giardino MA; Ivanova IC; Pearson AL; Meschke JS; Roberts MC; 2009/04/30; Water SA Manuscript
Assessment of Cryptosporidium in wastewater reuse for drinking water purposes: A case study for the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Authors: Rietveld LC; Meijer L; Smeets PWMH; van der Hoek JP; 2009/03/31; Water SA Manuscript
Guideline for the implementation of sanitation and hygiene education programmes in informal settlements
Authors: Naidoo M; Chidley C; 2009/03/01; Research Report No.TT 365/08
Technical and social acceptance evaluation of microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems for potable water supply to rural communities
Authors: Swartz CD; 2009/03/01; Research Report No.TT374/08
Water in nutritional health of individuals and households: An overview
Authors: Wenhold F; Faber M; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Suitability of total coliform β-D-galactosidase activity and CFU counts in monitoring faecal contamination of environmental water samples
Authors: Wutor VC; Togo CA; Pletscke B; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Performance of a water defluoridation plant in a rural area in South Africa
Authors: Schoeman JJ; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Humic acid as a model for natural organic matter (NOM) in the removal of odorants from water by cyclodextrin polyurethanes
Authors: Mamba BB; Krause RW; Malefetse TJ; Sithole SP; Nkambule TI; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Monitoring natural organic matter and disinfection by-products at different stages in two South African water treatment plants
Authors: Mamba BB; Krause RW; Matsebula B; Haarhoff J; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
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