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Results 141-160 of 442.
The case of cholera preparedness, response and prevention in the SADC region: A need for proactive and multi-level communication and co-ordination
Authors: Said MD; Funke N; Jacobs I; Steyn M; Nienaber S; 2011/10/26; Water SA Manuscript
The identification of a suitable culture organism to establish a bio-assay for evaluating sediment toxicity
Authors: Cloete Y; Shaddock B; 2011/10/01; Research Report No.KV289/11
Blue Drop: Slow but steady progress in restoring SA's drinking water quality
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Traditional water sources – Lifeline in a time of need
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Towards improved management of oestrogen activity in the treatment of drinking water
2011/08/05; Brief - Policy Brief
Mercury levels in SA: A national survey
2011/08/05; Brief - Policy Brief
Mercury levels in SA: A national survey
2011/08/05; Brief - Technical Brief
Water treatment device brochure
2011/07/28; Research Report
Olifants River - Pioneering catchment wide study reaches halfway mark
2011/06/20; Water Wheel Article
What Happens When the Pit is Full?: Development in on-site Faecal Sludge Management (FSM)
2011/03/14; WIN-SA
WRC supported eutrophication research and its impacts
2011/03/02; Brief - Policy Brief
Impact study of the estuarine research and related activities funded by the Water Research Commission
Authors: Breen C; Roux D; Crafford JG; Downsborough L; 2011/02/01; Research Report No.KV 257/10
Identification of arsenic resistance genes in microorganisms from maturing fly ash-acid mine drainage neutralised solids
Authors: Cowan D; Musingarimi W; Tuffin M I; 2011/01/26; Research Report No.1655/1/10
Red Letter Year for authorities to prevent mine-water catastrophe
2011/01/18; Water Wheel Article
Towards productive water use and household food security in South Africa
2011/01/18; Water Wheel Article
Guidelines for the assessment of the compliance of South African potablewater supply with accepted drinking water quality standards and management norms
Authors: Momba MNB; Swartz CD; 2010/11/01; Research Report No.TT 425/10
Assessing users’ experience of shared sanitation facilities: A case study of community ablution blocks in Durban, South Africa
Authors: Roma E; Buckley C; Jefferson B; Jeffrey P; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Abundance of pathogenic bacteria and viral indicators in chlorinated effluents produced by four wastewater treatment plants in the Gauteng Province, South Africa
Authors: Dungeni M; van der Merwe RR; Momba MNB; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
A survey of Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 in estuarine waters and sediments of Beira, Mozambique
Authors: du Preez M; van der Merwe MR; Cumbana A; le Roux W; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
REVIEW: Endocrine disrupting chemicals (phenol and phthalates) in the South African environment: A need for more monitoring
Authors: Olujimi OO; Fatoki OS; Odendaal JP; Okonkwo JO; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
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