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Results 201-220 of 397.
African Ministers unite in fight against backlogs
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
International Year of Sanitation
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
The ABC of EDCs - Global concern spurs researchers into action
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
The business of compulsory licencing
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
Can SA lay claim to a sanitary revolution?
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
Washing hands can save your life
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
Best management practices for small-scale subsistence farming on selected irrigation schemes and surrounding areas through participatory adaptive research in Limpopo Province
Authors: Van Averbeke W; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.TT 344/08
Community-based governance of freshwater resources in Southern Africa
Authors: Pollard S; Cousins T; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.TT 328/08
Impacts of the provision of water, sanitation, hygiene and home based care services to HIV and AIDS infected people
Authors: Potgieter N; Potgieter R; Jagals P; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.KV 209/08
Local institutions for water governance: A story of the development of a Water User Association and Catchment Forum in the Kat River Valley, Eastern Cape
Authors: Burt J; McMaster A; Rowntree K; Berold R; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.TT 295/07
Health risk assessment protocol for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC)
Authors: Genthe B; Steyn M; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.KV 206/08
Ecological Reserve - keeping SA's lifeblood pumping
2008/02/01; Water Wheel Article
Fire management in the Cape Peninsula: Lessons for catchment management agencies for Ukuvuka campaign
Authors: Fowkes S; 2007/12/01; Research Report No.TT 324/07
The selection of small water treatment systems for potable water supply to small communities (Vol 2)
Authors: Delcarme B; Seconna JD; Daries L; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.1443/2/07
An analysis of the social, economic, and environmental direct and indirect costs and benefits of water use in irrigated agriculture and forestry
Authors: Crafford JG; Hassan RM; King NA; Damon MC; de Wit MP; Bekker S; Rapholo BM; Olbrich BW; 2007/10/31; Research Report No.1048/1/04
Tracing van Riebeeck's footsteps
2007/10/22; Water Wheel Article
Sanitation - weapon against death and disease
2007/10/22; Water Wheel Article
On-farm application of in-field rainwater harvesting techniques on small plots in the central region of South Africa - Volume 2 of 2: extension manual
Authors: Botha JJ; Anderson JJ; Nhlabatsi NN; 2007/10/01; Research Report No.TT 314/07
Involving traditional health practitioners in health, hygiene and sanitation education and promotion
Authors: Clement K; Marah L; 2007/09/01; Research Report No.1521/1/07
Discussion paper: Wetlands in agriculture
Authors: Swanepoel CM; Barnard RO; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.KV 193/07
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