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Results 241-260 of 292.
An estimation of the value of water in the commercial forestry sector in selected areas in South Africa: A case study of KwaZulu-Natal
Authors: Tewari DD; 2003/01/03; Research Report No.1133/1/03
Biotechnology: From the laboratory to the marketplace
2003/01/03; Water Wheel Article
Predicting the water use and growth of Eucalyptus trees in Zululand
2003/01/03; Water Wheel Article
Waste minimisation makes good business sense at Berg River Textiles
2003/01/03; Water Wheel Article
The role of estuaries in South African fisheries: Economic importance and management implications
Authors: Lamberth S; Turpie J; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.756/2/03
Strategic review of river research
Authors: Breen CM; Cox D; Dickens C; MacKay H; Mander M; Roux DJ; Turton A; Van Wyk E; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.1198/1/03
New sludge treatment technology benefits environment & saves millions
2003/01/01; Water Wheel Article
The sweet smell of success
2003/01/01; Water Wheel Article
The economic impact of changing water quality on irrigated agriculture in the lower Vaal and Riet Rivers
Authors: Viljoen MF; Armour RJ; 2002/11/01; Research Report No.947/1/02
A manual for cost benefit analysis in South Africa with special reference to water resource development (First edition)
2002/10/01; Research Report No.TT177/02
Corporatisation of municipal services providers
2002/07/01; Research Report No.TT199/02
Ecological and economic evaluation of wetlands in the Upper Olifants River catchment, South Africa
Authors: Palmer RW; Turpie J; Marneweck GC; Batchelor AL; 2002/01/11; Research Report No.1162/1/02
Environmental biotechnology unlocks the value in polluted waters
2002/01/11; Water Wheel Article
IMPI for mine-water treatment
2002/01/11; Water Wheel Article
The value of water in the Fish-Sundays Scheme of the Eastern Cape
Authors: Conradie B; 2002/01/10; Research Report No.987/1/02
Development of a framework for the economic evaluation of water conservation/water demand management measures with specific application to decision-making in Cape Town
Authors: Van Zyl H; Leiman A; 2002/01/10; Research Report No.1275/1/02
Evaluating the environmental use of water – Selected case studies in the Eastern and Southern Cape
Authors: Hosking SG; du Preez M; Campbell EE; Wooldridge TH; Du Plessis LL; 2002/01/08; Research Report No.1045/1/02
Managing estuaries in South Africa: An introduction
Authors: Breen CM; McKenzie CB; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.TT 183/02
The development of a methodology to determine the true value of water and the impact of a potential water market on the efficient utilisation of water in the Berg river basin
Authors: Louw DB; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.943/1/02
Development of a hydrological economic agricultural model based on case studies in the upper mvoti catchment
Authors: Creemers G; Pott AJ; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.890/1/02
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