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Results 21-40 of 45.
After 150 years Pretoria’s Fountains still a source of life
2012/06/25; Water Wheel Article
Guidelines towards cleaner production in mining
2012/01/26; Brief - Technical Brief
Authorities show commitment but Green Drops still elusive
2011/11/02; Water Wheel Article
Blue Drop: Slow but steady progress in restoring SA's drinking water quality
2011/09/05; Water Wheel Article
Changing long drops into green drops - Authorities work to save sewage sector from crisis
2010/05/13; Water Wheel Article
“Going with the franchising flow”: An exploration of partnerships for the operation and maintenance of water services infrastructure
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT 432/09
Domestic water quality research impact assessment
2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT416/09
Small-scale irrigation farming: Best management practices
2009/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
The status and use of drinking water conservation and savings devices in the domestic and commercial environments in South - Africa
Authors: Still D; Erskine S U; Walker N; Hazelton D; 2008/09/22; Research Report No.TT 358/08
Assessing the impact of research funded by the WRC in support of the River Health Programme
Authors: Roux DJ; Hill L; Strydom W; 2008/09/01; Research Report No.TT360/08
African Ministers unite in fight against backlogs
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
International Year of Sanitation
2008/05/06; Water Wheel Article
South Africans scoop ICID Awards
2008/01/01; Water Wheel Article
Benchmarking of leakage from water reticulation systems in South Africa
Authors: McKenzie R; Seago C; 2007/03/01; Research Report No.TT 244/05
The use of key performance indicators in the benchmarking of rural water supply schemes: An aid to development of meaningful local government capacity
Authors: Still D; Balfour F; 2006/03/01; Research Report No.TT 255/06
Applicability of waste minimisation clubs in South Africa - Results from pilot studies
Authors: Barclay S; Buckley CA; 2006/03/01; Research Report No.TT161/05
Pilot initiative to facilitate benchmarking in the water services sector
Authors: Pybus P; Sham B; Schoeman G; Connolly J; 2005/01/09; Research Report No.KV 165/05
Benchmarking leakage from water reticulation systems in South Africa
Authors: Seago C; Bhagwan J; McKenzie R; 2004/12/13; Water SA Manuscript
The regional treatment of textile and industrial effluents
Authors: Barclay S; Buckley CA; 2004/02/01; Research Report No.456/1/04
Big savings through leakage reduction as part of water demand management
2004/01/07; Water Wheel Article
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