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Results 41-60 of 65.
“Going with the franchising flow”: An exploration of partnerships for the operation and maintenance of water services infrastructure
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/03/01; Research Report No.TT 432/09
The development of an activity based costing model to quantify the real costs of delivering water services in rural areas
Authors: Matthews W; de Jager J; Van Harmelen K; Wilson I; Duval R; 2009/07/01; Research Report No.1614/1/09
A scoping exercise to investigate the potential need for, and nature of, water trading in South Africa
Authors: Pott A; Versfeld K; van Rooyen M; Muir A; 2009/04/01; Research Report No.KV 222/09
Synthesis: IWRM lessons for implementation
Authors: Anderson A; Karar E; Farolfi S; 2008/12/23; Water SA Manuscript
Integrated monitoring of water allocation reform in South Africa
Authors: Anderson AJ; Mahlangu MS; Cullis J; Swartz S; 2008/12/23; Water SA Manuscript
Basic water and economic development: can they co-exist?
2008/07/02; Water Wheel Article
Market risk, water management and the multiplier effects of irrigation agriculture with reference to the Northern Cape Volume 2
Authors: Taljaard PR; van Schalkwyk HD; Louw DB; 2008/04/01; Research Report No.1250/2/08
The value of water as an economic resource in the greater Letaba river catchment
Authors: Williams CJ; Veck GA; Bill MR; 2008/01/11; Research Report No.989/1/08
The value of water as an economic resource in the Vaal river catchment
Authors: Mirrilees R (Dr); Mullins D (Dr); Ringwood B; Mokaila E; Mosaka D; Basson T; 2008/01/11; Research Report No.990/1/03
An analysis of the social, economic, and environmental direct and indirect costs and benefits of water use in irrigated agriculture and forestry
Authors: Crafford JG; Hassan RM; King NA; Damon MC; de Wit MP; Bekker S; Rapholo BM; Olbrich BW; 2007/10/31; Research Report No.1048/1/04
A manual for cost benefit analysis in SA with specific reference to water resource development: Second Edition [Updated and Revised]
Authors: Mullins D; Mosaka DD; Green AB; Downing R; Mapekula PG; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.TT 305/07
Investigation into the sustainability of rural water financial flows
Authors: Sykes G; Kolisa M; 2006/09/01; Research Report No.1609/1/06
Cost estimating procedures for micro-, drip- and furrow-irrigation systems as well as economic analyses of the relevant irrigation systems for large- and smallscale farmers in the Onderberg/Nkomazi region
Authors: Oosthuizen LK; Botha PW; Grové B; Meiring JA; Monkhei MM; Pretorius IG; 2005/01/02; Research Report No.974/1/05
Smallholder irrigation and agricultural development in the Olifants River basin of Limpopo Province: Management transfer, productivity, profitability and food security Issues
Authors: Machethe CL; Mollel NM; Ayisi K; Mashatola MB; Anim FDK; Vanasche F; 2004/12/01; Research Report No.1050/1/04
Corporatisation of municipal services providers
2002/07/01; Research Report No.TT199/02
Guidelines for financing catchment management agencies in South Africa
Authors: Pegram G; Palmer I; 2001/10/01; Research Report No.1044/1/01
A project finance model for stochastically evaluating the funding of water resource development projects, especially at the planning stage
Authors: Ramsden P; 2001/01/10; Research Report No.887/1/01
Estimation of the residential price elasticity of demand for water by means of a contingent valuation approach
Authors: Veck GA; Bill MR; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.790/1/00
A resume of World Bank water and sanitation experience of value to South Africa
Authors: Wall K; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.KV 126/00
Financial planning and modelling for regional water supply service providers
1999/08/01; Research Report No.TT 118/00
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