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Results 21-40 of 65.
Perspectives on market processes following in setting water services tariffs
2013/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
Linking property rights, ecosystem services and water resources
2013/10/01; Brief - Technical Brief
ICTs in the water sector – where do we stand?
2013/09/10; Research Report No.TT 571/13
Perspectives on the market processes followed in setting South African water services tariffs
Authors: Hosking SG; Norden R; 2013/04/19; Research Report No.2087/2/P/13
Funding models for financing water infrastructure in South Africa: Framework and critical analysis of alternatives
Authors: Ruiters C; 2013/04/12; Water SA Manuscript
Development of a generic model to assess the costs associated with eutrophication
Authors: Graham M; Blignaut J; de Villiers L; Mostert D; Sibande X; Gebremedhin S; Harding W; Rossouw N; Freese S; 2012/04/01; Research Report No.1568/1/12
UNDERSTANDING THE COST OF RURAL WATER SERVICES: Lessons from the Chris Hani and Alfred Nzo District Municipalities
2012/03/19; WIN-SA
Conference closing remarks
Authors: Schreiner B; 2011/09/01; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Whole-farm Economic Modelling
Authors: Grové B; 2011/08/31; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Investigating the Mechanism and Processes Used in Setting Water Services Tariffs
Authors: Hosking SG; Hosking P; Jacoby K; Sharp G; Hosking J; 2011/06/01; Research Report No.1871/1/11
A gap analysis of water testing laboratories in South Africa
Authors: Balfour F; Badenhorst H; Trollip D; 2011/04/01; Research Report No.TT 488/11
Towards standards for municipal invoices in South Africa
Authors: Slabbert S; 2010/06/23; Research Report No.TT 458-10
Guidelines on domestic water accounts– towards a consistent approach in South Africa
Authors: Slabbert S; 2010/06/14; Research Report No.TT 457-10
Water services franchising partnerships: review of policy, regulation and legal aspects
Authors: Wall K; Ramsden P; 2010/05/15; Research Report No.TT 432-3-10
Water services franchising partnerships: modelling of selected water services operational elements
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/15; Research Report No.432-4-10
Water services franchising partnerships: institutional review for the application of franchising
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/15; Research Report No.TT 432-5-10
Water services franchising partnerships: establishing criteria for the selection of water service franchisors, partnerships and franchisees
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/15; Research Report No.TT 432-6-10
Water services franchising partnerships: Business analysis case study: schools sanitation o&m
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/15; Research Report No.TT 432-7-10
“Going with the franchising flow”: an exploration of partnerships for the operation and maintenance of water services infrastructure
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/15; Research Report
Water services franchising partnerships: overview of the concept of franchising and its relevance to water services
Authors: Wall K; Ive O; 2010/05/14; Research Report No.TT432-2-10
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