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Results 161-180 of 200.
A flood nowcasting system for the eThekwini metro: Vol 1: Umgeni nowcasting using radar - an integrated pilot study
Authors: Sinclair S; Pegram G; 2004/01/01; Research Report No.1217/1/04
A flood nowcasting system for the eThekwini metro: Vol2: Modelling flood inundation in the Mlazi River under uncertainty
Authors: Makwananzi N; Pegram G; 2004/01/01; Research Report No.1217/2/04
Long-term, high-resolution records of climate variability from cave speleothems in Cold Air Cave, Makapans Valley, Limpopo Province
Authors: Lee-Thorp JA; 2004/01/01; Research Report No.1013/1/04
Viewpoint: Climate change - there is no need for concern
2004/01/01; Water Wheel Article
Spatial interpolation and mapping of rainfall (Simar) Vol 3: Data merging for rainfall map production
Authors: Pegram GGS; 2003/01/12; Research Report No.1153/1/04
Role of the oceans in South Africa's rainfall
Authors: Rouault M; Reason CJ; Lutjeharms JRE; Mulenga H; Richard Y; Fauchereau N; Trzaksa S; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.953/1/03
Modelling variability in the South West Indian ocean and its influence on South Africa's climate
Authors: Reason CJC; Hermes J; Singleton A; Lutjeharms JRE; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.868/1/03
Development of statistical forecast models of summer climate and hydrological resources over Southern Africa
Authors: Jury MR; 2002/01/12; Research Report No.903/1/02
Short term weather forecasting techniques for heavy rainfall
Authors: Dyson LL; van Heerden J; Marx HG; 2002/01/11; Research Report No.1011/1/02
A linear catchment model for real time flood forecasting
Authors: Pegram GGS; Sinclair DS; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.1005/1/02
Space-time modelling of rainfall using the String of Beads model: integration of radar and raingauge data
Authors: Clothier AN; GGS Pegram; 2002/01/01; Research Report No.1010/1/02
Vipos: Vaal Dam catchment integrated precipitation observing system
Authors: Terblanche DE; Visser PJM; Mittermaier MP; Kroese NJ; 2001/03/01; Research Report No.954/1/01
Global and regional climate modelling: Application to Southern Africa
Authors: Hewitson BC; 2001/01/01; Research Report No.806/1/01
Flood damage management aids for integrated sustainable development planning in South Africa
Authors: Viljoen MF (Prof); du Plessis LA; Booysens HJ; Weepener HL; Braune M; van Bladeren D; Butler M; 2001/01/01; Research Report No.889/1/01
Long duration design rainfall estimates for South Africa
Authors: Smithers JC; Schulze RE; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.811/1/00
Development and evaluation of techniques for estimating short duration design rainfall in South Africa
Authors: Smithers JC; Schulze RE; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.681/1/00
Molecular and physiological approach to drought and heat tolerance for selected crops
Authors: de Ronde JA; van der Mescht A; Laurie RN; Spreeth MH; Cress WA; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.479/1/99
High resolution space-time modelling of rainfall: The 'String of Beads' model
Authors: Pegram G; Clothier A; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.752/1/99
Modelling extreme rainfall over Southern Africa
Authors: Joubert AM; Crimp SJ; SJ Mason; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.805/1/99
Air-sea interaction over the Agulhas current and implication for South African weather
Authors: Ronault M; Lutjeharns JRE; Lee-Thorp AM; Jury MR; Majodina M; 1998/01/08; Research Report No.374/1/99
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