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Results 201-220 of 376.
TECHNICAL NOTE: River modelling to infer flood management framework
Authors: Mah DYS; Hii CP; Putuhena FJ; Lai SH; 2011/01/20; Water SA Manuscript
Collation and synthesis of hydraulic information from environmental flow requirement studies
Authors: Birkhead AL; Desai AY; 2011/01/01; Research Report No.KV291/11
Soil Moisture from Satellites: Daily Maps over RSA for Flash Flood Forecasting, Drought Monitoring, Catchment Management & Agriculture
Authors: Pegram G; Sinclair S; Vischel T; Nxumalo N; 2010/12/01; Research Report No.1683/1/10
Kamanassie Dam
2010/11/22; Water Wheel Article
Rain, rain don't go away!
2010/11/22; Water Wheel Article
Soil as indicator of hillslope hydrological behaviour in the Weatherley Catchment, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Authors: Van Tol JJ; Le Roux PAL; Hensley M; Lorentz SA; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Soil-water relationships in the Weatherley catchment, South Africa
Authors: Van Huyssteen CW; Zere TB; Hensley M; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Investigation of potential water quality and quantity impacts associated with mining of the shallow Waterberg coal reserves, west of the Daarby Fault, Limpopo Province, South Africa
Authors: Bester M; Vermeulen PD; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Comparative assessment of widespread irrigation with low quality mine-water in undisturbed and rehabilitated mine-lands in the upper Olifants using the ACRU2000 model
Authors: Idowu OA; Lorentz SA; Annandale JG; Aken M; McCartney MP; Thornton-Dibb SLC; Westhuizen A; 2010/10/28; Water SA Manuscript
Olifants River - Home to one of SA's oldest irrigation schemes
2010/09/10; Water Wheel Article
Using satellite-based rainfall data to support the implementation of environmental water requirements in South Africa
Authors: Sawunyama T; Hughes DA; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Options for meeting the ecological Reserve for a raised Clanwilliam Dam
Authors: Brown CA; van der Berg E; Sparks A; Magoba RN; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
A conceptual model for the development and management of the Cape Flats aquifer, South Africa
Authors: Adelana S; Xu Y; Vrbka P; 2010/07/29; Water SA Manuscript
Multidisciplinary analysis of hydroclimatic variability at the catchment scale
Authors: Rouault M; Fauchereau N; Pohl B ; Penven P; Richards HL; Reason CJR; Pegram GGS; Phillippon N; Siedler G; Murgia A; 2010/05/25; Research Report No.1747-1-10
Flow conceptualisation, recharge and storativity determination in karoo aquifers, with special emphasis on Mzimvubu Keiskamma and Mvoti - Umzimkulu water management areas in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal provinces of South Africa
Authors: Dondo C; Woodford AC; Murray R; Nhleko LO; Gqiba D ; Chevallier L; 2010/05/14; Research Report No.1565/1/10
Optimisation of representative elementary area (REA) for the preparation of lineament density map of fractured rock aquifer
Authors: Jia H; Lin L; 2010/04/28; Water SA Manuscript
Groundwater reserve determination for current and potential wellfield development of TMG Aquifers
Authors: Riemann K; Blake D; 2010/04/19; Research Report No.KV 236-10
Ecohydraulics for South African rivers: A review and guide
Authors: James CS; King JM; 2010/04/01; Research Report No.TT 453-10
Wemmershoek - 75 years in the making
2010/03/08; Water Wheel Article
Generating high-resolution digital elevation models for wetland research using Google EarthTM imagery – an example from South Africa
Authors: Hoffmann E; Winde F; 2010/01/28; Water SA Manuscript
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