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Results 121-140 of 341.
Determination of the change in Hydraulic Capacity in Pipelines
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; van Dijk M; 2012/07/01; Research Report No.1820/1/12
The influence of irrigation on groundwater
2012/06/28; Brief - Technical Brief
Evaluation of factors influencing transmissivity in fractured hard-rock aquifers of the Limpopo Province
Authors: Holland M; 2012/05/31; Water SA Manuscript
A 2011 perspective on climate change and the South African water sector
Authors: Schulze RE; 2012/05/01; Research Report No.TT 518/12
Synthetic monthly flow duration curves for the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa
Authors: Hope A; Bart R; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
The water balance of a seasonal stream in the semi-arid Western Cape (South Africa)
Authors: Bugan RDH; Jovanovic NZ; de Clercq WP; 2012/04/26; Water SA Manuscript
Taking on the challenges of water resources assessment
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
New water resources assessment study launched
2012/04/19; Water Wheel Article
Influence of catchment development on peak urban runoff
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; 2012/04/01; Research Report No.1752/1/12
Why should we conserve water in South Africa: a reflection from a water resource assessment study (WR2005 Study)
Authors: Nomquphu W; 2012/03/22; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
True water resources management - It's a matter of integration
2012/03/15; Water Wheel Article
Future of Hydrological Research: a global overview
Authors: Bárdossy A; 2012/03/06; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Challenges of Hydrological Research in a developing country
Authors: Pegram G; 2012/03/06; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Challenges of Hydrological Research in South Africa: What should we do? What can we do?A perspective
Authors: Schulze R; 2012/03/06; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Uncertainty & water resources assessment
Authors: Hughes D; 2012/03/06; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Reducing uncertainties of evapotranspiration and preferential flow in the estimation of groundwater recharge
Authors: Jovanovic N; Bugan RDH; Israel S; Dzikiti S; Kapangaziwiri E; Le Maitre D; Rozanov A; Stander M; Mikes D; May F; Jarmain C; Everson C; 2012/03/03; Research Report No.1909/1/12
Development of a revised desktop model for the determination of the ecological reserve for rivers
Authors: Hughes DA; Louw D; Desai AY; Birkhead AL; 2012/03/01; Research Report No.1856/1/12
An Evaluation of the Sensitivity of Socio-Economic Activities to Climate Change in Climatically Divergent South African Catchments
Authors: Stuart-Hill SI; Schulze RE; 2012/02/01; Research Report No.1843/1/12
Practical hand book adaptive management Strategies and options for the water sector in South Africa under climate change
Authors: Stuart-Hill SI; Schulze RE; Colvin J; 2012/02/01; Research Report No.1843/2/12
The hydrodynamic response of a semi-arid headwater wetland to technical rehabilitation interventions
Authors: Riddell ES; Lorentz SA; Kotze DC; 2012/01/27; Water SA Manuscript
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