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Results 41-60 of 88.
Phosphates in detergents - Cleaning up our act
2011/01/18; Water Wheel Article
Rapid enzymatic detection of organochlorine pesticides in water
Authors: Adebiyi P; Cockburn I; Pletschke B; 2010/10/12; Research Report No.K8/828
Integrated management of water hyacinth in South Africa
Authors: Byrne M; Hill JM; Robertson M; King A; Katembo N; Wilson J; Brudvig R; Fisher J; Jadhav A; 2010/06/19; Research Report No.TT 454-10
Sustainability indicators in communal wetlands and their catchments Lessons from Craigieburn wetland, Mpumalanga
Authors: Pollard S; Cousins T; Kotze D; Davis C; Riddell E ; Du Toit D; Chuma E; Mkhabela BB ; Addy S; 2010/04/30; Research Report No.1709-1-10
Investigating the applicability of ecological informatics modelling algal blooms in hypertrophic reservoirs of South Africa
Authors: Van Ginkel CE; du Plessis S; Bezuidenhout JJ; 2010/04/19; Research Report
Adapting the wetting front detector to small-scale furrow irrigation and providing a basis for the interpretation of salt and nutrient measurements from the water sample
Authors: Stirzaker RJ; Steytler B; Annandale JG; Adhanom GT; van der Laan M; M'Marete CK; 2010/04/01; Research Report No.1574/1/10
A pilot study on the occurance of endocrine disruptive chemicals in a DDT-sprayed area
Authors: Bornman MS; Barnhoorn IEJ; Aneck-Hahn NH; 2009/11/27; Research Report No.KV220/09
Analogous simulation of nutrient transformation processes in stream sediments
Authors: Todorova Y; Belev R; Topalova Y; Ribarova I; 2009/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Blue-green algae - Making water dangerous
2009/09/11; Water Wheel Article
Recent blooms of the dinoflagellate Ceratium in Albert Falls Dam (KZN): History, causes, spatial features and impacts on a reservoir ecosystem and its zooplankton
Authors: Hart RC; Wragg PD; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
An overview of cyanobacterial research and management in South Africa post-2000
Authors: Harding WR; Downing TG; Van Ginkel CE; Moolman APM; 2009/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Anoxic and aerobic values for the yield coefficient of the heterotrophic biomass: Determination at full-scale plants and consequences on simulations
Authors: Choubert J-M; Marquot A; Stricker A-E; Racault Y; Gillot S; Héduit A; 2009/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Experts unite to save abused river from extinction
2009/01/07; Water Wheel Article
Use of participatory scenario modelling as platforms in stakeholder dialogues
Authors: Andersson L; Olsson JA; Arheimer B; Jonsson A; 2008/09/01; Water SA Manuscript
Integrated nutrient transport modelling with respect to the implementation of the European WFD: The Weiße Elster Case Study, Germany
Authors: Rode M; Klauer B; Petry D; Volk M; Wenk G; Wagenschein D; 2008/09/01; Water SA Manuscript
Microscope refocused on SA water quality threat
2008/08/28; Water Wheel Article
A Guide to catchment-scale eutrophication assessments for rivers, reservoirs and lacustrine wetlands
Authors: Rossouw JN; Harding TH; Fatoki O S; 2008/04/01; Research Report No.TT 352/08
PCR based markers for detection and identification of toxic Cyanobacteria
Authors: Botha-Oberholster A-M; Oberholster PJ; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.1502/1/08
The determination of annual phosphorus loading limits for South African dams
Authors: Harding WR; 2008/02/01; Research Report No.1687/1/08
Water company news
2008/02/01; Water Wheel Article
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