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Results 21-40 of 88.
Treatment of landfill leachate: Removal of ammonia by struvite formation
Authors: Camargo CC; Guimarães JR; Tonetti AL; 2014/07/23; Water SA Manuscript
The water use of selected fruit tree orchards (Volume 1): Review of available knowledge
Authors: Taylor NJ; Gush MB; 2014/07/01; Research Report No.1770/1/14
Development of water resource management tools to manage salinity in the Berg and Breede catchments in the Western Cape
Authors: de Clercq WP; Bugan RDH; Jovanovic NZ; Visser T; de Villiers J; Smithers JC; 2014/07/01; Research Report No.2063/1/14
Response of phytoplankton assemblages isolated for short periods of time in a hyper-eutrophic reservoir (Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe)
Authors: Mhlanga L; Mhlanga W; Tendaupenyu P; 2014/01/29; Water SA Manuscript
The decomposition of estuarine macrophytes under different temperature regimes
Authors: Lemley DA; Snow GC; Human LRD; 2014/01/13; Water SA Manuscript
Primary producers as sinks for nitrogen and phosphorus in the Great Brak Estuary
Authors: Snow GC; Human LRD; 2014/01/01; Research Report No.1982/1/14
Linking Land Use to Water Quality for Effective Water Resource and Ecosystem Management
Authors: Dabrowski J; Bruton S; Dent M; Graham M; Hill Trevor; Murray K; Rivers-moore N; Van Deventer H; 2013/12/01; Research Report No.1984/1/13
Olifants - Time to stand up for river under siege
2013/04/22; Water Wheel Article
Sustainable nitrification in fluidised bed reactor with immobilised sludge pellets
Authors: Wang Y; Zhou W; Li Z; Wu W; Zhang Z; 2013/04/12; Water SA Manuscript
The performance of plant species in removing nutrients from stormwater in biofiltration systems in Cape Town
Authors: Milandri SG; Winter KJ; Chimphango SBM; Armitage NP; Mbui DN; Jackson GE; Liebau V; 2012/10/23; Water SA Manuscript
Nitrate-induced changes and effect of varying total nitrogen to total phosphorus ratio on the phytoplankton community in Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe: Microcosm experiments
Authors: Mhlanga L; Mhlanga W; 2012/07/30; Water SA Manuscript
Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton in five impoundments on the Manyame River, Zimbabwe
Authors: Tendaupenyu P; 2012/01/27; Water SA Manuscript
Eutrophication: Present reality and future challenges for South Africa
Authors: Van Ginkel CE; 2011/12/13; Water SA Manuscript
A comparison of soil moisture relations between standing and clearfelled plots with burnt and unburnt harvest residue treatments of a clonal eucalypt plantation on the Zululand Coastal Plain, South Africa
Authors: Dovey SB; de Clercq W; Du Toit B; 2011/10/26; Water SA Manuscript
Zooplankton biomass to chlorophyll ratios in relation to trophic status within and between ten South African reservoirs: causal inferences, and implications for biomanipulation
Authors: Hart RC; 2011/10/26; Water SA Manuscript
The effect of air supply on nitrogen removal using a biological filter proposed for ventilated pit latrines
Authors: Coetzee MAA; Roux-Van der Merwe MP; Badenhorst J; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
Influence of the feeding regime on the start-up and operation of the autotrophic nitrogen removal process
Authors: Van Hulle SWH; Vandeweyer H; Audenaert W; Monballiu A; Meesschaert B; 2011/07/25; Water SA Manuscript
WRC supported eutrophication research and its impacts
2011/03/02; Brief - Policy Brief
WRC-supported eutrophication research and its impacts
2011/03/02; Brief - Policy Brief
Possible consequences of introducing zero-phosphate detergents
2011/03/02; Brief - Technical Brief
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