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Results 161-180 of 190.
The establishment of a methodology for initiating and managing waste minimisation clubs
Authors: Barclay S; 2006/01/12; Research Report No.1171/1/06
Guidelines on reduction of the impact of water infiltration into sewers
Authors: Stephenson D; Barta B; 2005/02/01; Research Report No.TT 239/05
Impacts of stormwater and groundwater ingress on municipal sanitation services
Authors: Stephenson D; Barta B; 2005/01/01; Research Report No.1386/1/05
Development of regulations for water care works and process personnel
Authors: Boyd LA; 2004/12/13; Water SA Manuscript
Guidelines for Planning and Design of small Water treatment Plants for Rural Communities, with specific emphasis on sustainability and community involvement and participation
Authors: Swartz CD; Ralo T; 2004/12/01; Research Report No.1185/1/04
Understanding the sustainable management of small water treatment plants in rural communities: A systems thinking study
Authors: Murray K; du Preez M; Lebone M; Pearson IA; 2004/01/09; Research Report No.KV 151/04
The potential of aquatic Pythium species for the biological control of Cladophora Glomerata in irrigation schemes in South Africa
Authors: Wood AR; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.918/1/03
Quantifying the influence of air on the capacity of large diameter water pipelines and developing provisional guidelines for effective de-aeration: Volume 2
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; Van Dijk M; Steenkamp JN; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.1177/2/04
Your water meters are your cash registers
2003/01/01; Water Wheel Article
An investigation into the removal of sediments from water intakes on rivers by means of jet-type dredge pumps
Authors: Bosman DE; Prestedge GK; Rooseboom A; Slatter PT; 2002/01/11; Research Report No.1187/1/02
Inhibition of biofilm regrowth in potable water systems
Authors: Momba MNB; Ndaliso S; Binda MA; Makala N; 2002/01/10; Research Report No.1023/1/02
In-situ calibration of large water meters
2002/01/04; Research Report No.871/1/98
A framework for establishing appropriate trenchless technology guidelines and standards in Southern Africa
Authors: Goyns A McN; Crofts FS; 2001/01/10; Research Report No.KV 133/01
The use of chloramination and sodium silicate to inhibit corrosion in mild steel pipes
Authors: Joubert JHB; Geldenhuys JC; Celliers JJ; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.779/1/00
Sludge build-up in septic tanks, biological digesters and pit latrines in South Africa
Authors: Norris GA; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.544/1/00
Design, construction, operation and maintenance of ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines in South Africa
Authors: Bester JW; Austin LM; 2000/01/01; Research Report No.709/1/00
Guidelines for the use of septic tank systems in the South African coastal zone
Authors: Wright A; 1999/10/01; Research Report No.TT 114/99
Dealing with reservoir sedimentation - Dredging
Authors: Basson GR; Rooseboom A; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.TT 110/99
Guidelines for the design and operation of sewage sludge drying beds
Authors: Ceronio AD; Van Vuuren LRJ; Warner APC; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.TT107/99
Research on the corrosion performance of various non-metallic piping materials and coating in potable water
Authors: Ramotlhola JS; Ringas C (Dr); Cromarty R; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.381/1/99
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