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Results 101-120 of 189.
eThekwini pit emptying : Preparation of VIP sludge for disposal to agriculture (sludge spaghetti machine)
Authors: Harris J; Wilson D; 2011/03/20; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Simple sludge disposal with benefits? Deep-row entrenchment with agro forestry
2011/03/20; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Deep row entrenchment with benefits? Deep row entrenchment wit agroforestry
Authors: Still D ; 2011/03/20; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
The future of on-site sanitation: beyond the cesspit
Authors: Buckley C; 2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Sanitation for the billions: Making it work in the global context
2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
How fast do pits and septic tanks fill up? Implications for design and maintenance
Authors: Foxon K ; Buckley C; Brouckaert CJ; Bakare B; Salisbury F; Still D; 2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
What is going on inside septic tanks? The Science of sludge decomposition
Authors: Buckley C; Foxon K ; Still D ; Brouckaert CJ; Bakare B; 2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Sludge under the microscope: The Ascaris Story
2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Getting what's inside out - Vacuum tankers- Coffey
2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Pit additives study
2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Mafunze additives study: observations and findings
2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
Area of Innovation in on-site sanitation
Authors: Sugden S; 2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Presentation
The PETshop toys. Of eVacs, Nanovacs and PSAs
Authors: Read J; Still D ; Mckean S; Elsdon I; 2011/03/19; Conference Proceedings - Paper
Reticulated sewerage infrastructure
2011/03/02; Brief - Technical Brief
Lightweight toilet superstructures–manufacturing guide
Authors: Kearsley EE; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.TT 483/10
Lightweight moveable superstructures for VIP toilets
Authors: Kearsley EE; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.1781/1/10
Lightweight toilet superstructures – installation & assembly guide
Authors: Kearsley EE; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.TT 484/10
Waterborne sanitation design guide
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; Van Dijk M; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.TT 481/11
Stormwater ingress in South African sewer systems: understanding the problem and dealing with it
Authors: Erskine S U; Booth A; Still D; 2011/03/01; Research Report No.1731/1/11
Guide for operations and maintenance of a waste stabilisation pond system
Authors: De Souza P; Jack U; 2010/11/01; Research Report No.TT 472/10
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