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Results 241-260 of 449.
Development and implementation of gas and liquid chromatographic organic water profiles as a management tool
Authors: Selala MI; Phirwa S; Segoe N; Rohwer ER; Schoeman C; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.831/1/03
Cost and tariff model for rural water supply schemes
Authors: Still D; Mwangi P; Houston P; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.886/1/03
Ultrafiltration capillary membrane process development for drinking water
Authors: Jacobs EP; Pillay VL; Botes JP; Bradshaw SM; Pryor M; Swart P; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.965/1/03
Research, developing and testing of payment strategies for the lower income groups at four selected communities in order to manage charges for water use
Authors: van Vuuren DS; 2003/01/04; Research Report No.1202/1/03
The gender dimension of the water policy and its impact on water and sanitation provision in the eastern cape: the case of the Peddie district
Authors: Monyai PB; 2003/01/03; Research Report No.No. 1021/1/02
Identifying examples of successful cost recovery approaches in low-income, urban and peri-urban areas
Authors: Marah L; Martin RJ; Alence R; Boberg D; 2003/01/03; Research Report No.1131/1/03
Fabrication and production protocol for capillary ultrafiltration membrane and modules
Authors: Jacobs EP; Yanic C; Bradshaw SM; Marais C; Bredenkamp MW; Swart P; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.769/1/03
Implementation of an operational prototype fog water collection system: Project implementation
Authors: Olivier J; van Heerden J; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.902/1/02
The impact of introducing treated water on aspects of community health in a rural community in Kwazulu-Natal
Authors: Bailey IW; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.925/1/03
The occurrence of emerging viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens in source and treated water in South Africa
Authors: Venter SN; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.1031/l/03
Occurrence of E coli 0157:H7 and other pathogenic E coli strains in water sources intended for direct and indirect human consumption
Authors: Grabow WOK; Muller EE; Ehlers MM; de Wet CME; Uys M; Clay CG; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.1068/1/03
Dealing with tunnel ageing
Authors: Basson GR; Visagie M; Malan JG; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.1088/1/03
H2S strip test field kit for microbial water quality assessment
Authors: Genthe B; Jagals P; 2003/01/02; Research Report No.1105/1/03
Quality of domestic water supplies Volume 2: Sampling Guide
Authors: Venter IS; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.TT 117/99
Quality of domestic water supplies: Volume 3: Analysis guide
Authors: Schutte CF; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.TT 129/00
Management of water-related microbial diseases Vol 1: What is the problem? Disease characteristics
Authors: Kempster PL; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.TT 175/03
A preliminary investigation into the application of ultrasonic techniques to membrane filtration
Authors: Sanderson RD; Li J; Hallbauer DK; Koen LJ; Halbauer-Zadorozhanya VY; Hurndall M; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.930/1/03
Evaluation of powdered activated carbon (PAC) for the removal of taste and odour causing compounds from water
Authors: Linde JJ; Freese SD; Pieterse S; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.1124/1/03
An investigation of water supply issues in typical rural communities – Case studies from Limpopo Province
Authors: Matji MP; 2003/01/01; Research Report No.1271/1/03
Executive summary of the health impact of waterborne viruses and methods of control in high risk communities
Authors: Grabow WOK; Taylor MB; Vivier JC; Potgieter N; Gqobepe MG; 2002/11/01; Research Report No.743/1/02
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