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Results 141-160 of 449.
A survey of information exchange between water services information providers and water services authorities/local government in South Africa
Authors: Pansegrouw JP; Naidoo P; 2008/04/01; Research Report No.1611/1/08
The use of AFLP to determine the specific origin of enterococci in drinking water in rural households
Authors: du Preez M; Stewart AC; Potgieter N; Venter SN; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.1602//1/08
Impacts of the provision of water, sanitation, hygiene and home based care services to HIV and AIDS infected people
Authors: Potgieter N; Potgieter R; Jagals P; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.KV 209/08
An investigation of the estrogenic activity in water from selected drinking water treatment processes
Authors: Slabbert JL; Venter EA; Moletsane M; Van Wyk JH; Blaise C; Aneck-Hahn N; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.1532/1/08
On-line real-time enzymatic biosensor system for the rapid detection of faecal contamination of water intended for drinking purposes
Authors: Pletschke B; Togo C; Wutor V; Limson J; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.1603/1/08
Enabling water fluoridation on small drinking water treatment plants
Authors: Rajagopaul R; Thompson P; Hariram A; 2008/03/01; Research Report No.TT347/08
Membrane fouling and visualisation studies
Authors: Reineke FJ; McLachlan DS; Mbanjwa MB; Sanderson RD; 2008/01/12; Research Report No.1441/1/08
High-yielding groundwater areas around the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Authors: Murray R; Goedhart M; Baron J; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.TT 327/08
The extraction of water from sediment-laden streams in Southern Africa
2007/11/28; Research Report No.691/2/02
Asset management for the water services sector in South Africa
Authors: Stephenson D; Barta B; Manson N; 2007/11/28; Research Report No.897/1/01
The selection of small water treatment systems for potable water supply to small communities (Vol 1)
Authors: Swartz CD; Goldie I; Mwiinga G; Geldenhuys J; Delcarme B; Seconna JD; Daries L; Lodewyk L; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.1443/1/07
The selection of small water treatment systems for potable water supply to small communities (Vol 2)
Authors: Delcarme B; Seconna JD; Daries L; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.1443/2/07
Water consumption levels in selected South African cities
Authors: Van Zyl HJ; Van Zyl JE; Geustyn L; Ilemobade A; Buckle JS; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.1536/1/07
Life cycle costing analyses for pipeline design and supporting software
Authors: Van Vuuren SJ; van Dijk M; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.TT 278/06
Guidebook for the selection of small water treatment systems for potable water supply to small communities
Authors: Swartz CD; 2007/11/01; Research Report No.TT319-07
Polyelectrolyte determination in drinking water
Authors: Majam S; Thompson P; 2007/09/01; Research Report No.1528/1/07
Handbook for the operation of water treatment works
Authors: Schutte F; 2007/08/28; Research Report No.TT 265/06
Development of a methodology to assess knowledge uptake by technical professionals and decision-makers for development water services
Authors: Van Ryneveld MB; Sproule SL; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.1519/1/07
Water services and HIV/AIDS: A guide for local government councillors and officials responsible for water, sanitation and municipal health services
Authors: Clacherty A; Potter A; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.TT 317/07
Evaluation of nanotechnology for application in water and wastewater treatment and related aspects in South Africa
Authors: Schutte CF; Focke W; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.KV 195/07
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