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Results 161-180 of 202.
The development of risk analysis and groundwater management techniques for Southern Africa aquifers
Authors: van Tonder GJ; Janse van Rensburg H; Staats S; Cogho VE; Elphinstone CD; Viviers MI; Meyer R; Watson AG; Bredenkamp DB; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.378/1/99
Geochemistry and isotopes for resource evaluation in the fractured rock aquifers of the Table Mountain Group
Authors: Weaver JMC; Talma AS; Cave LC; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.481/1/99
Investigation of the contaminant attenuation chracteristics of the soil aquifer system with special emphasis on the vadose zone
Authors: Sililo OTN; Conrad J; Murphy M; Tredoux G; Eigenhuis B; Ferguson MCD; Moolman JH; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.572/1/99
Assessment of the impact of agricultural practices on the quality of groundwater resources in South Africa
Authors: Conrad J; Colvin C; Sililo O; Görgens A; Weaver J; Reinhardt C; 1999/01/01; Research Report No.641/1/99
The interaction between vegetation and groundwater: Research priorities for South Africa
Authors: Scott DF; Le Maitre DC; 1998/05/01; Research Report No.730/1/98
The application of radiowave tomography for the characterisation of fractured rock aquifers
Authors: Meyer R; Wedepohl E; Mitchell G; Pitts B; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.516/1/98
The association of groundwater chemistry and geology with a typical Lymphocytes (as a biological indicator)
Authors: Toens PD; Stadler W; Wullschleger NJ; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.839/1/98
Artificial recharge: A technology for sustainable water resources development
Authors: Murray EC; Tredoux G; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.842/1/98
Groundwater quality deterioration in the Olifants River catchment above the Loskop Dam with specialised investigations in the Witbank Dam sub-catchment
Authors: Hodgson FDI; Krantz RM; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.291/1/98
Towards a regulatory framework for the management of groundwater in South Africa (Vol 1)
Authors: Lazarus P; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.789/1/98
Towards a regulatory framework for the management of groundwater in South Africa (Vol 2)
Authors: Lazarus P; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.789/1/98 A
The assessment of ambient groundwater quality at a national scale in the Republic of South Africa
Authors: Simonic M; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.K5/841
Research into groundwater abstraction in the Port Elizabeth municipal area
Authors: Lomberg CR; Rosewarne PN; Raymer DA; Devey DG; 1996/11/01; Research Report No.515/1/97
Investigation of groundwater pollution associated with waste disposal: Development of an environmental isotope approach
Authors: Verhagen BTh; Butler MJ; Levin M; Walton DG; 1996/01/01; Research Report No.311/1/01
Groundwater resources of South Africa: An explanation of a set of national groundwater maps
Authors: Vegter JR; 1995/08/01; Research Report No.TT 74/95
The use of geographic information systems (GIS) and other computer-aided drafting facilities for the production of geohydrological maps
Authors: Lukas E; Fourie G; Hodgson F; 1995/03/01; Research Report No.377/1/95
Investigation into the contribution of groundwater to the salt load of the Breede River using natural isotopes and chemical tracers
Authors: Kichner JOG; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.344/1/95
Conversion of the software packages TRICON and BAYES from personal computers to machine using the UNIX operating system
Authors: Buys J; van Tonder GJ; Botha JF; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.566/1/95
The development of programmes to combat diffuse sources of water pollution in residential areas of developing communities
Authors: Schoeman G; 1994/12/01; Research Report No.519/1/97
WASP Manual: A systematic method for evaluating site suitability for waste disposal based on geohydrological criteria
Authors: Jolly J; Parsons R; 1994/06/01; Research Report No.TT 67/94
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