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Results 81-100 of 191.
Guidelines for the acceptance of monitored natural attenuation processes in South Africa
Authors: Gebrekristos RA; Pretorius JA; Usher BH; 2008/03/13; Research Report No.1501/4/08
Field and laboratory investigations to study the fate and transport of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLS) in groundwater
Authors: Gebrekristos RA; Pretorius JA; Usher BH; Jagals P; Traoré HN; Robertson N; Tshitenge C; Zadoroshnaya V; Groenewald J; Lenong S; Pienaar M; 2008/03/13; Research Report No.1501/5/08
To calibrate and verify a predictive model for the incidence of naturally occurring hazardous trace constituents in trace constituents in groundwater
Authors: Tarras-Wahlberg H; Wade P; Coetzee H; Holström P; Lundgren T; Van Wyk N; Ntsume G; Jaco Venter; Sami K; 2008/01/07; Research Report No.1431/1/08
Manual for site assessment at DNAPL contaminated sites in South Africa
Authors: Gebrekristos RA; Pretorius JA; Usher BH; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1501/2/08
Groundwater monitoring guidelines for DNAPLs in South African Aquifers
Authors: Gebrekristos RA; Pretorius JA; Usher BH; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1501/3/08
Application procedure for the development and use of groundwater
Authors: Parsons R; Eichstadt L; Crowther J; Blood J; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1510/1/08
Ecological and environmental impacts of large-scale groundwater development in the Table Mountain Group (TMG) aquifer system
Authors: Colvin C; Riemann K; Brown C; Le Maitre D; Mlisa A; Blake D; Aston T; Maherry A; Engelbrecht J; Pemberton C; Magoba R; Soltau A; Prinsloo E; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1327/1/08
An Introduction to Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) in South Africa - A community guide
Authors: Usher BH; Pretorius JA; Gebrekristos RA; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.TT325/07
Handbook for DNAPL contaminated sites in South Africa
Authors: Usher BH; Pretorius JA; Gebrekristos RA; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.TT326/07
Assessment of aquifer vulnerability in South Africa
Authors: Saayman IC; Beekman HE; Adams S; Campbell RB; Conrad J; Fey MV; Jovanovic N; Thomas A; Usher BH; 2007/12/01; Research Report No.1432/1/07
Introduction to aquifer dependent ecosystems in South Africa
Authors: Colvin C; Le Maitre D; Saayman I; Hughes S; 2007/07/01; Research Report No.TT 301/07
Geothermal studies of Table Mountain Group aquifer systems
Authors: Hartnady CJH; Jones MQW; 2007/07/01; Research Report No.1403/1/07
Hydraulic modelling for ecological studies for South African rivers
Authors: Hirschowitz PM; Birkhead AL; James CS; 2007/06/01; Research Report No.1508/1/07
Quantification of the groundwater contribution to baseflow
Authors: Hughes D; Parsons R; Conrad J; 2007/06/01; Research Report No.1498/1/07
Groundwater recharge estimation of Table Mountain Group aquifer systems with case studies
Authors: Xu Y; Wu Y; Duah A; 2007/05/01; Research Report No.1329/1/07
Pilot study to refine the design of the National Microbial Monitoring Programme for groundwater
Authors: Murray K; du Preez M; Meyer R; 2007/05/01; Research Report No.1494/1/07
Experimental measurement of specific storativity by the determination of rock elastic parameters
Authors: du Preez M; Dennis R; Van Tonder G; 2007/05/01; Research Report No.KV 184/07
An assessment of the impacts on groundwater quality associated with the backfilling of dolomitic cavities with gold mine tailings
Authors: Dill S; Boer RH; 2007/05/01; Research Report No.1122/1/07
Groundwater resource directed measures manual
Authors: Parsons R; Wentzel J; 2007/04/01; Research Report No.TT 299/07
Groundwater sampling: A comprehensive guide for sampling methods: Second edition
Authors: Weaver JMC; Cave L; Talma AS; 2007/03/01; Research Report No.TT 303/07
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