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Results 201-220 of 223.
Development of a method for the selection of suitable landfill sites and of guidelines for sanitary landfill in municipal areas. Extended executive summary
Authors: Murphy KO'H; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.352/1/94
Assessment of the instream flow incremental methodology and initial development of alternative instream flow methodologies for South Africa
Authors: King JM; Tharme RE; 1993/12/01; Research Report No.295/1/94
Mathematical modelling of flow-through porous membranes
Authors: du Plessis JP; 1993/09/01; Research Report No.402/1/93
Interpolation of the daily rainfall model
Authors: McNeill L; Brandao A; Zucchini W (Prof); Joubert A; 1993/01/12; Research Report No.305/1/94
The applicability of hydrodynamic reservoir models for water quality management of stratified water bodies in South Africa (Vol 1)
Authors: Gorgens AHM; Bath AJ; Venter IS; de Smidt K; Marais GvR; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.304/1/93
Simple titration procedures to determine H2CO3* alkalinity and short-chain fatty acids in aqueous solutions
Authors: Moosbrugger RE; Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; 1992/12/01; Research Report No.TT 57/92
Research on the phase diagrams of complex precipitants
Authors: Kerr CA (Dr); 1992/01/12; Research Report No.309/1/94
The generation of a spatially distributed daily rainfall database for various weather modification scenarios
Authors: Seed AW; 1992/01/09; Research Report No.373/1/92
Groundwater sampling: A comprehensive guide for sampling methods
Authors: Weaver JMC; 1992/01/01; Research Report No.TT 54/92
Modelling groundwater contamination in the Atlantis aquifer
Authors: Botha JF; Verwey JP; Buys J; Tredoux G; Moodie JW; Hodgkiss M; 1990/08/01; Research Report No.175/1/90
Programme for Atmospheric Water Supply (1987-1989). Final report Volume 2: Aircraft and radar measurements and cloud seeding experiments
Authors: Mather GK; Griffith M (jr); 1990/03/01; Research Report No.133/6/90
Programme for Atmospheric Water Supply (1987-1989). Final Report Volume 3: Radar data interpretation, cloud modelling and statistical considerations
Authors: Grosh RC; Reuter G; Hodson M; Muller C; Hofmeister G; Galpin J; 1990/03/01; Research Report No.133/7/90
Programme for Atmospheric Water Supply (1987-1989) Final Report Volume 1: Executive summary
1990/03/01; Research Report No.133/5/90
Potential impacts of rainfall stimulation in South Africa: A research planning study
Authors: Gorgens AHM; Rooseboom A; 1990/01/04; Research Report No.KV 23/90
Final report on the development of management-orientated models for eutrophication control
Authors: Rossouw JN; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.174/1/90
An assessmsent of some statistical techniques for hydrological modelling in semi-arid areas
Authors: Herald JR; 1989/01/05; Research Report No.138/3/89
An investigation into rainfall recharge to groundwater: Technical Report
Authors: Connelly RJ; Abrams LJ; Schultz CB; 1989/01/01; Research Report No.149/1/89
The application of isolated event conceptual models to simulating floods in areas with different climate and physiographic characteristics
Authors: Hughes DA; Beater AB; 1988/01/02; Research Report No.138/2/89
A preliminary investigation of modelling the Atlantis aquifer
Authors: Muller JL; Botha JF; 1987/11/01; Research Report No.113/1/87
An evaluation of hydrological techniques for making flood estimations of small ungauged catchments
1986/12/01; Research Report No.139/2/87
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