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Results 81-96 of 96.
Laboratory Calibration of Compound Sharp-Crested & Crump Weirs
Authors: Rooseboom A; Rossouw J; Wessels P; 1995/10/30; Research Report No.442/1/95
Explanation of the 1:500 000 hydrogeological map 2326 Pietersburg
Authors: Haupt CJ; 1995/09/01; Research Report
Biological and chemical control of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Orange River
Authors: Palmer RW; 1995/01/07; Research Report No.343/1/95
Die erodeerbaarheid van verskillende rotsformasies onder varierende vloeitoestande
Authors: Van Schalkwyk A; Jordaan JM; Dooge N; 1994/07/18; Research Report No.302/1/95
The evaluation of river losses from the Orange River downstream of the PK le Roux Dam
Authors: McKenzie RS; Roth C; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.510/1/94
The applicability of hydrodynamic reservoir models for water quality management of stratified water bodies in South Africa (Vol 1)
Authors: Gorgens AHM; Bath AJ; Venter IS; de Smidt K; Marais GvR; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.304/1/93
Research on taste and odour forming microorganisms in South African surface waters
Authors: Wnorowski AU; 1992/10/01; Research Report No.320/1/93
Sediment transport in rivers and reservoirs - A Southern African perspective
Authors: Rooseboom A; 1992/05/01; Research Report No.297/1/92
Preliminary investigation into algal weeds in inland waters
Authors: Joska MA; Bolton J; 1992/03/01; Research Report No.426/1/94
Microcystis scums from Hartbeespoort dam as a source of fine chemicals
Authors: Batchelor AL; Scott WE; Wood A; 1992/01/01; Research Report No.264/1/92
The management of phosphate concentrations and algae in the Hartbeespoort Dam
Authors: Chutter FM; Rossouw JN; 1992/01/01; Research Report No.289/1/92
The Chemical Removal of Sulphates
1990/10/30; Research Report No.203/1/90
Final report on the development of management-orientated models for eutrophication control
Authors: Rossouw JN; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.174/1/90
A preliminary investigation of the effects of water hyacinth on algal growth and water quality
Authors: Pearce J; 1987/09/01; Research Report No.142/1/87
Impact of eutrophication control measures on the trophic status of South African impoundments
Authors: Grobler DC; Silberbauer MJ; 1984/07/01; Research Report No.130/1/84
Limnology of some selected South African impoundments
Authors: Walmsey RD; 1980/05/31; Research Report No.TT 8/80
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