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Results 141-160 of 342.
The value of water as an economic resource in the greater Letaba river catchment
Authors: Williams CJ; Veck GA; Bill MR; 2008/01/11; Research Report No.989/1/08
The value of water as an economic resource in the Vaal river catchment
Authors: Mirrilees R (Dr); Mullins D (Dr); Ringwood B; Mokaila E; Mosaka D; Basson T; 2008/01/11; Research Report No.990/1/03
The development of a strategy for the WRC thrust environmental functioning within the hydrological cycle within the crosscutting domain: Water and the environment
Authors: Patrick MJ; Ashton PJ; MacKay HM; 2008/01/10; Research Report No.KV 182/08
Water resources management in rainwater harvesting: An integrated systems approach
Authors: Kahinda JM; Sejamoholo BBP; Taigbenu AE; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1563/1/08
Refining tools for evaporation monitoring in support of water resource management
Authors: Jarmain C; Everson CS; Savage MJ; Clulow AD; Walker S; Gush MB; 2008/01/01; Research Report No.1567/1/08
An evaluation of the suitability of negotiated environmental agreements for achieving environmental compliance in water-related sectors in South Africa
Authors: Bowler K; 2007/12/01; Research Report No.1511/1/07
Fire management in the Cape Peninsula: Lessons for catchment management agencies for Ukuvuka campaign
Authors: Fowkes S; 2007/12/01; Research Report No.TT 324/07
Environmental water quality in water resources management
Authors: Palmer T; Berold RS; Muller N; 2007/08/31; Research Report No.TT 217/04
Guide for local government cooperation with catchment management agencies
Authors: Mazibuko G; Pegram GC; 2007/08/28; Research Report No.TT 270/06
Effective management of the riparian zone vegetation to significantly reduce the cost of catchment management and enable greater productivity of land resources
Authors: Everson C; Gush M; Moodley M; Jarmain C; Govender M; Dye P; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.1284/1/07
Community-based research on the influence of rehabilitation techniques on the management of degraded catchments
Authors: Everson TM; Everson CS; Zuma KD; 2007/08/01; Research Report No.1316/1/07
National Microbial Monitoring Programme for Groundwater: Implementation manual
Authors: Murray K; du Preez M; Meyer R; Van Wyk E; Parsons R; Flanagan L; Taylor M; 2007/07/01; Research Report No.TT 312/07
Cross-sector policy objectives for conserving South Africa's inland water biodiversity
Authors: Roux D; Nel JL; MacKay HM; Ashton PJ; 2007/06/01; Research Report No.TT 276/06
Development and assessment of a continuous simulation modelling system for design flood estimation
Authors: Smithers JC; Chetty KT; Frezghi MS; Knoesen DM; Tewolde MH; 2007/05/01; Research Report No.1318/1/07
Watermark: The lasting impression of the ecological reserve
Authors: Liphadzi S; 2007/04/01; Research Report No.TT 307/07
Statistical-based regional flood frequency estimation study for SA using systematic, historical and palaeoflood data
Authors: van Bladeren D; Zawada PK; Mahlangu S; 2007/03/01; Research Report No.1260/1/07
Relationship between soil water regime and soil profile morphology: A proposal for continued research
Authors: van Huyssteen CW; Le Roux PAL; Hensley M; Lorentz S; 2007/01/01; Research Report No.KV 179/07
An illustrated guide to some common diatom species from South Africa
Authors: Taylor JC; Harding WR; Archibald CGM; 2007/01/01; Research Report No.TT282/07
A critical review of participatory practice in integrated water resource management
Authors: Lotz-sisitka H; Burt J; 2006/12/01; Research Report No.1434/1/06
A task-oriented approach to participation
Authors: du Toit X; Burt J; Pollard S; 2006/12/01; Research Report No.TT 289/06
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