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Results 161-180 of 211.
The evaluation and improvement of the anaerobic digestion ultrafilteration (ADUF) effluent treatment process
Authors: Nell JH; Kafaar A; 1995/01/11; Research Report No.365/1/95
Electrically driven membrane separation processes for the treatment of industrial effluents
Authors: Schoeman JJ; Steyn A; 1995/01/05; Research Report No.532/5/95
Industrial applications of membranes
Authors: Malherbe GF; Morkel CE; Bezuidenhout D; Jacobs EP; Hurndall MJ; Sanderson RD; 1995/01/04; Research Report No.362/1/95
Bioaugmentation technology for wastewater treatment in South Africa
Authors: Oellermann RA; Pearce K; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.429/1/95
Technology transfer of aquatic chemical speciation modelling
Authors: Kerr CA; 1995/01/01; Research Report No.530/1/95
Extractive purification of industrial effluents
Authors: Smit JJ; 1994/09/01; Research Report No.533/1/95
Optimisation of biofouling control in industrial water systems
Authors: Cloete TE; Brözel VS; de Bruyn EE; Pietersen B; 1994/06/01; Research Report No.318/1/94
Microbiological transformation of metal contaminated effluents
Authors: Bux F; Swalaha FM; Kasan HC; 1994/01/03; Research Report No.357/1/94
Pilot studies on phosphate crystallisation in biological wastewater treatment systems
Authors: Loots PA; Oellermann RA; Pearce K; Saayman GB; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.366/1/94
The use of yeast biomass and yeast products to accumulate toxic and valuable heavy metals from wastewater
Authors: Duncan JR; Brady D; Stoll AD; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.464/1/94
South African water quality management series: Procedures to assess effluent discharge impacts (First edition)
1994/01/01; Research Report No.TT 64/94
Interaction between the boundary layer and Kendal power station natural-draught dry cooling tower
Authors: Swanepoel DJdeV; Zunckel M; 1993/09/01; Research Report No.452/1/93
A guide to water and wastewater management in the poultry abattoir industry
1993/03/01; Research Report No.TT 46/90
Water and wastewater management in the textile industry : NATSURV 13
1993/03/01; Research Report No.TT 50/90
Causes and control of anoxic aerobic (AA) (or low F/M) filament bulking in long sludge age nutrient removal activated sludge systems
Authors: Casey TG; Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Marais GvR; 1993/01/09; Research Report No.286/2/94
Assesment of the feasibility and impact of alternative water pollution control options on TDS concentrations in the Vaal Barrage and Middle Vaal (Vaalsurv)
Authors: Cowan JAC; Skivington P; 1993/01/09; Research Report No.326/1/93
A South African design guide for dissolved air flotation conditioning of low and medium salinity water
Authors: Haarhoff J; Van Vuuren L; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.TT 60/93
Investigation into the degradation of mortar linings and concrete by microorganisms in industrial water systems
Authors: Poulton WIJ; Nixon M; 1992/11/01; Research Report No.398/1/93
The use of yeast biomass and yeast products to accumulate toxic and valuable heavy metals from waste water
Authors: Duncan JR; Brady D; 1992/07/01; Research Report No.392/1/93
Pelletisation in upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) systems
Authors: Moosbrugger RE; Sam-Soon PALNS; Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Loewenthal RE; Marais GvR; 1992/06/01; Research Report No.249/1/96
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