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Results 161-178 of 178.
Artificial wetland use for wastewater treatment: Theory, practice and economic review
Authors: Wood A; Pybus P; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.232/1/93
Research on biological phosphate removal in activated sludge
Authors: Bosch M; Cloete TE; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.314/1/93
A South African design guide for dissolved air flotation conditioning of low and medium salinity water
Authors: Haarhoff J; Van Vuuren L; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.TT 60/93
A comprehensive study on an iron-phosphate removal system
Authors: Momberg GA; Oellermann RA; 1992/11/01; Research Report No.430/1/93
Anaerobic digestion of waste-water sludge: Operating guide
Authors: Ross WR; Novella PH; Pitt AJ; 1992/08/01; Research Report No.TT 55/92
Pelletisation in upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) systems
Authors: Moosbrugger RE; Sam-Soon PALNS; Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Loewenthal RE; Marais GvR; 1992/06/01; Research Report No.249/1/96
Wastewater treatment and pollution control
1991/07/07; Research Report
Construction and operation of the Cape Flats water reclamation plant and the survaillance of the reclaimed water quality
Authors: Beckman H; Klopper DN; Fawcett KS; Novella PH; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.75/3/90
Elektrochemies-geproduseerde metaalkoagulante vir die suiwering van besoedelde water
Authors: Johannes WG; Pretorious B; 1990/01/01; Research Report No.210/1/90
Two-year study on the enhancement of biological phosphate removal by altering process feed composition: Plant and laboratory studies
1989/03/01; Research Report No.137/2/89
Two-year study on the enhancement of biological phosphate removal by altering process feed composition: Metabolic control mechanisms
Authors: Lotter LH; 1989/03/01; Research Report No.137/3/89
An exploratory investigation of crossflow microftration for solid/liquid separation in biological waste water treatment
Authors: Bailey AD; Dold PL; 1989/01/09; Research Report No.242/1/90
Research into the evaluation and optimisation of full-scale chemical phosphate removal in biological sewage treatment processes
Authors: Louw AS; Basson HJ; Alexander WV; 1988/10/01; Research Report No.159/1/88
Measurements of initial dilution of a buoyant effluent
Authors: Toms G; Botes WAM; 1987/01/11; Research Report No.160/1/88
Epidemiological studies pertaining to the possible reclamation and reuse of purified sewage effluent in the Cape Peninsula
1987/01/01; Research Report No.74/1/87
Enhancement of biological phosphate removal by altering process feed composition
1986/09/01; Research Report No.137/1/86
Removal of phosphate and nitrogen compounds from biological filter effluents
Authors: Brodisch KEU; 1985/09/01; Research Report No.58/1/85
Theory, design and operation of nutrient removal activated sludge processes
Authors: Ekama GA; Marais GvR; Siebritz IP; Pitman AR; Keay GFP; Buchan L; Gerber A; Smollen M; 1984/01/01; Research Report No.TT 16/84
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