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Results 141-160 of 173.
The removal of urban litter from stormwater conduits and streams
Authors: Armitage NP; Rooseboom A; Nel C; Townshend P; 1998/07/01; Research Report No.TT 95/98
Sanitation services model manual
1998/07/01; Research Report No.TT 99/98
Biological excess phosphate removal (1984 - 1987)
Authors: Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Dold PL; Loewenthal RE; Marais GvR; 1998/06/01; Research Report No.148/1/88
Research on the filteration of compressible cakes
Authors: Pillay VL; 1998/01/01; Research Report No.241/1/98
Operation manual for biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment works
Authors: Lilley ID; Pybus PJ; Power SPB; 1997/02/01; Research Report No.TT 83/97
Consolidation of activated sludge research II (January 1991 to December 1994)
Authors: Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Marais GvR; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.356/1/97
Investigation to upgrade secondary treated sewage effluent by means of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration for municipal and industrial use
Authors: Jacobs EP; Barnard JP; 1997/01/01; Research Report No.548/1/97
Fingerprinting of activated sludge systems using PAGE analysis of total protein extractions for the optimization of biological phosphorus removal
Authors: Casey T; Erasmus A; Cloete TE; 1995/01/03; Research Report No.776/1/98
Research on the modelling of tubular reverse osmosis
Authors: Brouckaert CJ; Wadley S; Hurt QE; 1995/01/02; Research Report No.325/1/95
Dilution studies on large offshore pipelines
Authors: Botes WAM; 1994/11/01; Research Report No.364/1/94
Non-point source pollution in the Hennops River valley
Authors: Hoffmann JR; 1994/01/12; Research Report No.518/1/95
Development of a method for the selection of suitable landfill sites and of guidelines for sanitary landfill in municipal areas. Extended executive summary
Authors: Murphy KO'H; 1994/01/01; Research Report No.352/1/94
South African water quality management series: Procedures to assess effluent discharge impacts (First edition)
1994/01/01; Research Report No.TT 64/94
A hydrological investigation of the stormwater runoff from the Khayelitsha urban catchment in the False Bay area, South Western Cape
Authors: Wright A; Kloppers W; Fricke A; 1993/12/01; Research Report No.323/1/93
Causes and control of anoxic aerobic (AA) (or low F/M) filament bulking in long sludge age nutrient removal activated sludge systems
Authors: Casey TG; Wentzel MC; Ekama GA; Marais GvR; 1993/01/09; Research Report No.286/2/94
Assesment of the feasibility and impact of alternative water pollution control options on TDS concentrations in the Vaal Barrage and Middle Vaal (Vaalsurv)
Authors: Cowan JAC; Skivington P; 1993/01/09; Research Report No.326/1/93
Artificial wetland use for wastewater treatment: Theory, practice and economic review
Authors: Wood A; Pybus P; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.232/1/93
Research on biological phosphate removal in activated sludge
Authors: Bosch M; Cloete TE; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.314/1/93
A South African design guide for dissolved air flotation conditioning of low and medium salinity water
Authors: Haarhoff J; Van Vuuren L; 1993/01/01; Research Report No.TT 60/93
A comprehensive study on an iron-phosphate removal system
Authors: Momberg GA; Oellermann RA; 1992/11/01; Research Report No.430/1/93
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